Poetry contest open

MEEKER | A $1,000 grand prize is being offered in a new poetry contest sponsored by Friendly Poets, free to everyone. There are 50 prizes in all for amateur poets who write and win. “Even if you have never entered a competition before,” says poetry editor Michael Thomas, “this is your opportunity to win big. Even if you have written only one poem you are proud of, it deserves to be read and appreciated by others. Beginners are especially welcome!”
To enter send one poem of 21 lines or less: Friendly Poets, P.O. Box 21, Talent, Ore., 97540. Or enter online at www.friendlypoets.com. Be sure your name and address is on the page with your poem. The deadline for entering is Dec. 31, 2011. You may include a stamped addressed envelope for a winners list or view online where winners will be posted at contest end.