Powwow dancers make impression with grace, beauty

MEEKER — We went to the Pow Wow Friday night, and had a great time. There was a lot of gorgeous jewelry for sale, and I wanted one of everything, of course, but all I ended up buying was “Ute” tacos!
I so enjoyed watching the dancing, especially when little flaming redhead Addie Purvis and her flaxen haired friend Kelsey from our church joined in the dancing! The contrast was precious with all of the Indian children’s shiny black hair! However, I was most impressed with the teen girls’ dancing. They were so graceful and demure in their beautiful outfits. I saw neither bosom, belly button, nor buttocks on display by the dancers, nor was there any bumping and grinding, no wriggling and writhing, just dainty, light footsteps and whirling shawls. They reminded me of butterflies.
I became a little nervous when the dark clouds started coming our way, and I said to my husband: “We’re sitting on a metal bleacher, next to a tall metal light pole, with a thunderstorm approaching?”, but the clouds passed over without wind, rain or lightning. I was afraid for a while there, though, that I might get my hair curled!
Bob Amick had a birthday last Sunday, July 27. I won’t tell you how old he is BUT … Happy birthday, Bob! Sure is nice seeing Elizabeth and Bob back at Chuckwagon!
The seniors are planning a wildflower tour to Leadville, doesn’t that sound fun? Call Sharon at (970)878-5347 for details.
We had a lot of fun having a “hootenanny” with Dave and his harmonica last week at Chuckwagon. Come back soon, Dave and Betty, and bring your C note harmonica! I’ll bring mine too, and my G note as well and maybe we’ll get to play some music together yet! Any others that play anything are welcome to come join in.
We’re still waiting to hear from someone who is willing to take aluminum cans to Grand Junction for Chuckwagon seniors. Will you help?
Does anyone know where I can get some hands-on lessons in bead stringing? I would appreciate a call.
My hollyhocks should be in full bloom by next week. They should be quite “spectacular”. I have lots of seeds, if anyone would like some. They’re all mixed together, so if you want individual colors, you’ll have to wait for this year’s seeds to ripen.
I almost forgot to tell you that Faith Baptist’s float didn’t win a trophy but they won one for Best Youth, which is a lot more important than for a float, I think! I’m very proud of our kids! I think the float was pretty neat too, even if it didn’t win a trophy! Faith is going to use the rocket in their vacation Bible school too, so the kids will have another chance to see it.
Does it seem curious to you, as it does to me, that the winning float had young girls portraying saloon girls, who in reality were prostitutes in the old days? How many years has First National Bank had this same thing on their float, and how many times has it won first place? Nope, this isn’t “sour grapes” because my church’s float didn’t win a trophy, folks, I’m just wondering if there’s a message being sent out concerning the moral and family values of a lot of folks in our town, as well as some of the leaders in our community. What do you think? That’s all, y’all!