Q&A: Why you need a marketing strategy

The HT recently added marketing guru Haley Turner to our team, and we asked her a few of our biggest questions on the right way to market a local business. Enjoy!

Q: Can you introduce yourself?

A: My Name is Haley Turner, and my maiden name is McCrary. I was born in Glenwood Springs but grew up mostly in Silt. My dad was born in Meeker to Mike and Julie (Gould) McCrary. I visited Meeker often growing up, mostly to see my great–grandmother, Edna Mae Gould. I was lucky enough to have a relationship with her until she passed a few years ago. 

Q: How did you get into marketing?

A: I actually followed in Edna Mae’s footsteps and became a hairstylist. Little did I know, when I got out of beauty school I would have a small business to run, and I would have to market myself to get people in my chair so I could make money. I quickly realized that consumerism had changed and relying on word of mouth didn’t cut it anymore. I put a lot of my time into business and marketing classes and applied what I learned to my business. Pretty soon, I was consistently booked out four–plus weeks at a time with an abundance of new guests (and money!) pouring in.

Q: What do you love about marketing? 

A: I love that strategic and effective marketing can help you stand out in a small town. You can create an extremely abundant and successful business in a small town by marketing strategies that make your business stand out. 

Q: Why is a cohesive marketing plan important?

A: Cohesive marketing plans are important because you need to have more than just a business. You need to have a brand that is recognizable, consistent and special for your marketing to ever turn into income. 

Q: What are common mistakes you see businesses making with their marketing plans?

A: The most common marketing mistakes I see are 1. Not having a clear and consistent brand identity, 2. Businesses focusing their marketing in only one place (like only social media or only word of mouth) and 3. Not using social media platforms correctly to help grow their business. 

Q: If you could give people one golden rule for marketing their business, what would it be?

A: Have a target market. People often think a target market is limiting but the result of not having one is marketing that’s all over the place and doesn’t really resonate with anyone. 

Haley is available to help local businesses with anything and everything marketing, including market research, social media management and strategy, branding and brand strategy and comprehensive marketing plans.

Call Haley at 970-987-3961 to schedule a free review of your current marketing plan.

By HT STAFF – editor@ht1885.com

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