Ranching skills displayed at Ranch Rodeo competition

MEEKER | This year the Range Call Celebration will once again include the Ranch Rodeo. The rodeo consists of events that mimic “ranch skills.”
The rodeo will be in two main parts. The first will be a competition of four-person teams. The team will attempt to brand a calf, pin a yearling, tie down a steer and milk a cow, all common practices on a ranch. The team that completes all four tasks in the fastest time wins.
The four-person teams then drop one member and add one or two kids to their teams for the second part of the competition. The now four- or five-person teams brand as many calves as possible in a given time and then move into the arena to pin three cows with designated numbers. The second part of the competition allows kids to show off their skills.
The Ranch Rodeo is a fun event, scheduled for July 4 at 2 p.m. at the fairgrounds.
There will be a Calcutta prior to the rodeo, allowing people the chance to buy the team they feel has the best chance of winning. Entries must be turned in by Sunday evening, if interested please contact Bruce Clatterbaugh. Come out and compete or simply enjoy a competition that honors the traditional ranching way of life.