Rangely High School academic awards presented

RANGELY I At Rangely High School’s academic awards program May 13, the following students were recognized for high performance, service and leadership:
Student Council: Co-Presidents McKale Pennell and Tessa Slagle; Treasurer Chelsea Ficken; and Rowdy Worm organizers Justyne Dembowski and Carrie Goddard.
Tyland Caldwell School Service Award: Mandy Duong.
Army Reserve Scholar/Athlete Awards: Aimee Hogan and Connor Phelan
U.S. Marine Corps: Distinguished Athletes: Aimee Hogan and Cameron Enterline; Scholastic Excellence: Tessa Slagle; Semper Fidelis Award: Kymberlie Hemphill.
Math Awards: Pre-Algebra: Bridgette Rhea; Algebra 1: Carrissa Hurd and Caleb Lawson; Algebra 2: Courtney Bell; Geometry: Lindzey Thacker and Savannah Nielsen; Advanced Math: McKale Pennell
Language Arts: English 9 Student of the Year: Savannah Neilsen; Writer of the Year: Braylee Cassavaugh; Most Improved: Eli Brooks.
English 10 Student of the Year: Courtney Bell; Writer of the Year: Echo Campbell; Most Improved: Jimmie Sherman.
Yearbook: PageMaster: Sidney Shaffer; MVPager: Lindzey Thacker.
Accelerator Reading Awards: Rebecca Gillard: 371 points; Cheylinn Jackson: 364 points; Kristen Coleman: 260 points; McKale Pennell: 257 points.
Classic Literature: Co-Students of the Year: McKale Pennell and Aimee Hogan.
British Literature: Writer of the Year: Tiffany Record; Student of the Year: Ethan Allred; Most Improved: Robert Dunker.
World Classic Literature: Writer of the Year: Jessica Tolley; Best Impersonations: Layne Mecham; Most Improved: Jason Vanden Brink.
American History: Most Dedicated: McKale Pennell; Most Improved: Cheylinn Jackson.
Government: Most Dedicated: Kymberlie Hemphill and Aimee Hogan.
World History: Most Dedicated: Kristen Coleman; Most Improved: Divinity Saunders and Caitlyn Ducey.
Spanish: Most Dedicated: Mariellle Ivie; Most Improved: Nych Deleon.
Human Anatomy and Physiology: Tanner Nielsen and McKale Pennell.
Excellence in Science Award: Mitchell Webber.
Physics: Tessa Slagle and Marshal Way.
Chemistry: Courtney Bell and Lucas Heinle.
Advanced and Organic Chemistry: Chelsea Ficken and Aimee Hogan.
Physical Science: Savannah Nielsen and Braxton Bishop.
Biology: Marielle Ivie.
Weather Forecasting: Qynton Larson.
Meteorology/Psychology: Savannah Nielsen.
Computer Apps II: Courtney Bell, Lindzey Thacker, Katye Allred, Savannah Nielsen.
Business Internship: Echo Campbell, Justyne Dembowski. Business Math: Aimee Hogan, Qynton Larson.
Ag Mechanics: Outstanding Ag Mechanic: Wesley Goddard; Outstanding 1st year Basic Shop Skills: Korey Hood, Eli Brooks. Agricultural Pride: Caitlyn Ducey.
Physical Health: Weights: Ethan Allred, Aimee Hogan, Mitchell Webber, Daniel Connor. Best work ethic, first semester: Connor Phelan, Chris Hogan, Tessa Slagle, Kiki Ruiz. Second semester: Connor Phelan, Tessa Slagle. Health: McKale Pennell, Breanne Baker. PE: Kymberlie Hemphill, Savannah Nielsen.
Art: Jessica Tolley.
Band/Choir: Outstanding Choir Award: Kymberlie Hemphill; John Philip Sousa Band Award: Shannon Sieg; Quincey Jones Musicianship Award: Zach Bean; Lettering – Kymberlie Hemphill, Shannon Sieg.
NHS recognition and induction: Courtney Bell, Kristen Coleman, Daniel Connor, Justyne Dembowski, Rebecca Gillard, Carrie Goddard, Michelle Gohr, Dean Irwin, Marielle Ivie, Jessie Rogers, Marshal Way.
Math Club: McKale Pennell, Chelsea Ficken, Kymberlie Hemphill, Andrew Morton, Rebecca Gillard, Tessa Slagle, Caleb Noel, Brennan Noyes. CMU Math Day Team Competition (second place): Chelsea Ficken, Andrew Morton, Tessa Slagle. CMU Math Extravaganza (first place): Andrew Morton. UNC Math Contest (Honorable Mention): Andrew Morton. Colo. Mathematical Olympiad, First Honorable Mention: Andrew Morton; Second Honorable Mention: Tessa Slagle, Caleb Noel.
Colorado High School Activities Association’s Three-Sport Participation Award: Katye Allred, Troy Allred, Braxton Bishop, Corinne Coombs, Nych Deleon, Antoinette Dorris, Anthony Martin, Lindzey Thacker, Kaulan Brady, Kiki Ruiz, Chance Sheppard, Colt Allred, Ethan Allred, Desiree Coombs, Kelton Elam, Simone Heinle, Layne Mecham, James Scoggins, Dawn Stephens, Marshal Way, Mitchell Webber, Cameron Enterline, Lucas Heinle, Aimee Hogan, Tessa Slagle, Ryan Wilczek.
Joel Hogan Scholar/Athlete Award: Lindzey Thacker, Katye Allred, Troy Allred, Corinne Coombs, Ethan Allred, Mitchell Webber, Simone Heinle, Colt Allred, Layne Mecham.
CNCC “Pride Award”: McKenzie Webber
CU-Boulder Outstanding Junior: Ethan Allred
Colorado School of Mines Outstanding Junior: Ethan Allred
Principal’s Citizenship Award: Chelsea Ficken, Aimee Hogan, Connor Phelan, Tessa
President’s Education Award: Mandy Duong, Chelsea Ficken, Kymberlie Hemphill, Aimee Hogan, Tanner Nielsen, McKale Pennell, Connor Phelan, Tessa Slagle. Academic Excellence on PLAN Exam: Echo Campbell (99th percentile); Kristen Coleman (95th percentile).
Academic Excellence on EXPLORE Exam: Savannah Nielsen (98th percentile); Troy Allred (96th percentile); Braxton Bishop (96th percentile).
Top 10 percent of the class: Class of 2017 (one semester): Lindzey Thacker, Braxton Bishop, Savannah Nielsen; Class of 2016 (three semesters): Courtney Bell, Echo Campbell. Class of 2015 (five semesters): Ethan Allred, Mitchell Webber, Colt Allred. Class of 2014 (seven semesters): Aimee Hogan, Tessa Slagle and Chelsea Ficken.