Rangely junior high volleyball teams head to league tourney

Rangely's 31 junior high volleyball players have been practicing since the beginning of the school year. COURTESY PHOTO
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RANGELY | Rangely middle school volleyball started their season with 31 girls participating: 15 sixth graders, 10 seventh graders and six eighth graders. The girls have been practicing since school started. Most of the girls have never played volleyball so it was starting with basic fundamentals of volleyball. All of the girls have been working very hard at practice to learn the game.

The Rangely Middle school volleyball girls opened their season Friday, Sept. 7 against the Hayden Tigers. The sixth graders played first. In the first match Karlee Halcomb had three ace serves out of the last five points for the win. During the next match the top server was Lexi LeBleu who helped the team win the game.

For the seventh grade, the top scorer was Morgan Ellis with 17 of 25 points with four ace serves for the win. During the next match Ellis helped the team win with six points along with Laurie Ward who contributed with five points.

The eighth grade team came out full of energy but the Tigers won both matches.

The teams traveled last weekend to a league tournament in Meeker where they would play against Hayden, Meeker and Craig. One of the sixth grade teams, the White team, played Meeker first and won two out of the best of three matches. Lexi LeBleu has stepped up as a leader on the court. Next the girls played against Craig and won in two against the Bulldogs. The girls came out on top winning their pool.

In a different pool the other sixth grade team took on Craig winning in three and fighting back to come up with the win. The top server for match one against Craig was Karlee Halcomb. In the next match Angelina Fortunato stepped up as the top server. She also was the leader for serving in the last match against the Bulldogs. The girls played hard against Hayden, but even with some good digs from Miah Wren they were unable to come up with the win.

The seventh grade Silver team played Meeker and won in three. The team’s top server in the first game was Emma Smith with seven serves for the win. The next game the Cowboys won by two against the Panthers. In the third game the Panthers came out with the win by two. The top server was Morgan Ellis with five points. During this game Ryann Mergelman stepped up seeing the court. Morgan Ellis did a great job stepping up as a setter. The Silver team lost the first match to the Hayden Tigers but won the two matches. The top server in the second match was Emma Smith. Mergelman added five of 15 points for the win in the last match. The Silver team also won their pool.

The eighth grade Black team came up short against Meeker and Craig.

The teams and coaches would like to say thank you to all of their supporters. This week is a bye week for the middle school Panthers.

Sixth grade: Miley Chism, Allie Coker, Kaitlyn Cox, Ashlynn Ducey, Angelina Fortuanto, Karlee Halcomb, Lexi LeBleu, Charity McKinley, Jade Miller, Paola Munoz, Lilly Noel, Sky Pearce, Emmeree Wagner, Emma Winder and Miah Wren.

Seventh grade: Annika Cantrell, Kasty Dembowski, Morgan Ellis, Adyween Meeks, Ryann Mergelman, Ella Patch, Alyson Polley, Emma Smith, Rylee Wagner and Laurie Ward.

Eighth grade: Kiley Goshe, MacKenzie Manchester, Kyrah Phelps, Kirstiana Terry, Kenzie Varner and Kadence Wagner.

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