Rangely Locals: The prodigal reporter returns

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Hi! Remember me? I know it has been a while and I hope you have missed my articles and can help me out by sharing news! Let me know birthdays, anniversaries, vacations and visitors and I can use the information in my articles.
Speaking of visitors, Jon Kelly and his family stopped by to visit a few weeks ago. Jon and I were good friends in school and it was great to catch up with him. I also had the opportunity to talk to his brother Chris on the phone. Bob and Sharon Box were here over Labor Day weekend, and we had a lot of fun riding four wheelers. My cousin Alma Pearson, from Texas, was in town with my Aunt Sylvia Phillips and Uncle Lewis Wade, who both live in Colorado, last weekend. Alma enjoyed being able to visit with many of her friends from Rangely.
My sister Brooke and her husband Charlie are headed to Mexico on vacation this week. Let’s hope the hurricanes don’t decide to vacation there, as well!
Happy birthday to Halle Ahrens on Sept.11, happy birthday to Mark Hayden, Kenney Meis, and Jared Jeter on Sept. 12, happy anniversary to Lance and Zaneta Brady on Sept 12, happy birthday to Brenda Hopson on Sept. 13, happy birthday to Mike Elam on Sept. 15, happy birthday to Payton Hairston and Richard Nickson on Sept.16
That’s it for this week. Come on, keep me writing by sharing news with me. E-mail me at blake@theheraldtimes.com or call me at 675-8021.