Rangely’s new school staff Q & A

Neddie Sandels
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RANGELY I This week, Rangely Junior/Senior High School and Parkview Elementary School kick off the school year with several staff members who are new to the district or filling a new position within the schools. Administrators asked them the following questions about their new roles and living in northwest Colorado: 1) What do you like best about your new job? 2) What do you like best about education? and 3) What do you like best about Rangely?

Jeremy Lohry
Jeremy Lohry, middle school social studies teacher:
1) “How welcoming and helpful the entire staff has been to me as a first-year teacher.”
2) “Every day is a new day, and each one is never the same.”
3) “How friendly every person has been that I have met, and all the helpful information they have given me.”

Eric Hejl
Eric Hejl, middle and high school health and physical education teacher:
1) “The best thing about my new job is being able to work in a quality facility and learning every day from my students and co-workers.”
2) “I enjoy the fulfillment I get from being a positive influence in the lives of others.”
3) “Lots of outside, not lots of people.”

Brittany Meeker
Brittany Meeker, high school social studies teacher:
1) “The size of my classes. I will really be able to get to know my students and work closely with them.”
2) “That it is never ending. There is always more to learn.”
3) “How welcoming the community is. I have only been here a week, and I already feel at home.”

Barbara Combes
Barbara Combes, fifth-grade teacher:
1) “I am enjoying the challenge of teaching a new grade and getting to know my colleagues.”
2) “What I like best is spending each day with children and watching them grow academically and emotionally.”
3) “Being close to my grandchildren.”

Marie Varco
Marie Varco, middle and high school special education teacher:
1) “I am really thrilled with the people I work with. I can’t wait to meet the students.”
2) “Overall, the self-empowerment and opportunities education can make possible for people.”
3) “The open outdoors and the friendly people. My neighbors are wonderful.”

Terrie Lyda
Teri Lyda, elementary school special education teacher :
1) “The wonderful people and the enthusiasm of the administrators and the dedicated teachers.”
2) “Seeing the growth in reading and math as a result of well-planned alternative interventions and a team approach.”
3) “The Rec Center is an inspiration in the community.”

Amie Brooks, Information technology technician, parent liaison, library:
1) “The technology and the people are the best parts of my new job.”
2) “Education is an experience, a life journey, so never stop.”
3) “Parkview Elementary.”

Neddie Sandels
Neddy Sandels, Preschool and special education director/teacher:
1) “The happy children and the friendly community.”
2) “Motivating children to learn by creating an environment that promotes their interests.”
3) “The learning opportunities available with the college and playing in the parks.”

Erin Smith
Erin Smith, elementary school subject instruction teacher
1) “I love how I am able to work with the whole staff closely and all the kids.”
2) “I love watching and seeing the students grow over the year.”
3) “I really like how friendly and welcoming the community is.”

Kristina White
Kristina White, middle and high school information technology technician/parent liaison:
1) “Interacting within the community and being able to make a real difference.”
2) “We are not only educating; we are teaching life skills.”
3) “The sense of community and being able to watch your work make a difference.”

Diana Sizemore
Diane Sizemore, middle and high school librarian
1) “It’s a new learning experience for me.”
2) “Having an opportunity to work with young people and helping them to appreciate their education.”
3) “Too many to mention … Rangely is my home. My church, my friends and family, outdoor sports and the Rec Center. Rangely is also the place where I can help others through non-profits.”
“The district is extremely fortunate to have hired such high caliber, caring and committed professionals,” Superintendent Todd Cordrey said.
Along with new staff, Cordrey said the district was “impressed with” new BOCES Executive Director Teresa Schott; Information Technology Director Steve Tobin; full-time kindergarten teacher Kari Way; part-time kindergarten teacher Brittany Hill; bus driver Deb Hall; district mechanic Norm Hall; RJSHS custodian Angie Sheppard; and RJSHS paraprofessionals Christena Hairston, Deserai Lapp and Teresa Conett.