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July 20-26, 2020 

Meeker Dispatch Center administered 498 phone calls last week including 22 911 calls, answered 72 calls for Meeker Police Department (MPD) and placed 143 outgoing calls. A total of 230 calls for service were created, 100 for the Sheriff’s Office, 114 for MPD. 

Note the department breakdown of calls may differ from the total number reported due to individual incidents with multiple agencies responding. 

Law enforcement conducted 38 traffic stops 

• Sheriff’s Deputies issued 18 warnings on 18 stops  

• MPD issued 20 warnings on 20 stops  

• Three crashes, one rollover crash with injuries, one with a raccoon, five assists with CSP 

Sheriff’s Deputies responded to 69 calls for service

• six 911 misdials/tests 

• four animal calls 

• eight agency assists 

• nine business/security checks 

• six civil papers served

• nine directed patrol  

• five security checks 

• two citizen assists  

• two COVID transports 

• five motorist assists 

• 10 sexual offender residence checks 

• three traffic complaints 

• two traffic hazards

• two trespass 

• two VIN inspections 

• four warrant arrests 

MPD responded to 94 calls for service 

• one 911 hangup/test 

• two alarms  

• four agency assists 

• eight animal calls 

• 31 business/residential checks 

• nine citizen assists 

• four civil issues 

• three code enforcement 

• four disturbances 

• two juvenile problems  

• two motorist assists 

• two property reports 

• three suspicious incidents

• two thefts 

• four VIN inspections 

One each: child abuse, domestic violence, illegal dumping, missing person, restraining order violation, sex crime, theft, traffic complaint, traffic hazard, warrant arrest. 

Meeker Fire and Rescue responded to six calls 

• Smoke report, medical alarm, back country rescue, rollover crash with injuries, two citizen assists 

Rio Blanco Detention 

• 10 current inmates, eight males and two females 

• 0 jail transports to or from another facility 

• Six arrests, two from MPD and four from RBSO 

• Six inmates released/bonded 

This information is a weekly review of the calls for service that were requested at the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Communications Office. If you have any questions or would like an explanation of the call types listed please call 878-9600. We will not regularly post any information as to the names or addresses on any incident.