RBC 4-H selects new officers, presents annual awards

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RBC I New officers were named and several awards were presented Sunday night in Meeker and Rangely at the Rio Blanco County 4-H awards programs in each town.
The 2013-2014 Rangely Council officers: president Tessa Slagle, vice president Samantha Lapp, secretary Rebecca Gillard, reporter/historian Shauna Lapp, treasurer Del Garner, senators Rebecca Gillard and Tessa Slagle, and pledge leader Lane Gillard and Jennilyn Gillard.
The 2013-2014 Meeker Council officers: president Taylor Neilson, vice president Macy Collins, secretary Jamie Moyer, reporter Tatumn Kennedy, treasurer Mariah Archuleta, historian Sarina Goedert, council representatives Trae Kennedy, Trinden Powell and Jadynn Archuleta, senators Jake Smith and Sam Baylie, parli pro Jake Smith, and pledge leader Marcus Archuleta.
The 4-H Foundation Board members: Daniel Lapp, Tracy Hayes, Crystal Ducey, Crandal Mergelman, Debbie Smith, Marian Neitenbach, Jeani Lucero, Peggy Griffin, Ann Marie Scritchfield, Dani Theos, Barb Vaughn, Kathy Collins and J.H. Sheridan.
The Rio Blanco County Fair Board: Ed Coryell, Adair Norman, Mike Lopez, Karen Arnold, Forrest Nelson, Cindy Garner, Daniel Lapp, Shane Mecham, Ty Gates and Janelle Urista.
Rangely 100 percent Club Completion Awards: Makin’ Bacon, Panther Country, Western RBC Livestock Club, Traditional Archery Club, Chipigitt, Rangely Cake Decorating and Scapin’ Chicks.
Meeker 100 percent Club Completion Awards: Sheep and Goat Club, Meeker Beef, White River Swine, Outdoor Adventures: Smoke Alarm Chefs, Cackling Hoppers and Marvelous Mutts.
Rangely 75 percent Completion Club: Rangely .22
Meeker 75 percent Completion Club: Cake Decorating, Jr. Officer’s Club, Sweet Sewing Sisters, Meeker .22, Meeker Shotgun and Meeker Ghostriders.
Rangely Community Pride Awards: Panther Country, Rangely .22 and Rangely Traditional Archery Club.
Meeker Community Pride Awards: Meeker Sheepgrowers, Meeker Shooting Sports, Meeker Beef Club, Marvelous Mutts, WR Livestock, Junior Officer Wildlife Club, White River Swine and Outdoor Adventures
The Rio Blanco County 4-H program has been fortunate enough to monetarily award general project members for completion with a check to each member. We would like to extend our gratitude to EnCana, the Lions Club and White River Electric Association for their generous support of our general 4-H projects completion checks.
2013 4-H member completion awards:
First year Cloverbuds: Zoey LeBlanc, Sage Jensen, Neveah LeBlanc, Kayla Scott, Aiden Whinston, Seth Goshe and Jayda May. Second year Cloverbuds: Teijah Hall. Third year Cloverbuds: Kastyn Dembowski, Franklin Kaden and Nora Gianinetti.
Member Awards:
Ten-year members: Kaylalle Fortunato, Antoinette Dorris, Emily Eliasen, Taylor Neilson, Mason Scritchfield, Maclaine Shults and Nate Walsh.
Leader Awards: 11-year members: Shelby Neiberger, Samuel Baylie and Brittany Smith.
12-year members: Tessa Slagle, Taylor Morris and Nicole Hilkey.
10-year leader: Tamara Dorris.
11-year leader: Debbie Smith
15-year leader: Lis Walsh.
16-year leader: Tera Shults.
18-year leaders: Clint Shults and Bonnie Long.
28-year leader: Bonnie Coryell.
30-year leader: Bob Klenda.
31-year leader: Renae Neilson.
Livestock, horse and dog record book awards:
Horse Record Book Junior Champion: Madison Kindler
Horse Record Book Junior Reserve Champion: Peter Hanks
Horse Record Book Intermediate Champion: Eli Hanks
Horse Record Book Intermediate Reserve Champion: Phalon Osborn
Horse Record Book Senior Champion: Sydney Hughes
Beef Record Book Senior Champion: Shelby Neiberger
Beef Record Book Senior Reserve Champion: Dannon Bolton
Beef Record Book Intermediate Champion: Macy Collins.
Beef Record Book Intermediate Reserve Champion: Alan Wiley
Beef Record Book Junior Champion: Ivan Carill
Beef Record Book Junior Reserve Champion: Marryn Shults
Sheep Record Book Senior Champion: Jake Henderson
Sheep Record Book Senior Reserve: Antoinette Dorris.
Sheep Record Book Intermediate Champion Tannen Kennedy
Sheep Record Book Intermediate Reserve Champion: Alexis Wile
Sheep Record Book Junior Champion: Tatumn Kennedy.
Sheep Record Book Junior Reserve: Shauna Lapp
Breeding Sheep Record Book: Taylor Neilson
Swine Record Book Senior Champion: Brittany Babineaus
Swine Record Book Senior Reserve Champion: Tessa Slagle
Swine Record Book Intermediate Champion: CaseyTurner
Swine Record Book Intermediate Reserve Champion: Kenzie Turner
Swine Record Book Junior Champion: Zane Cordrey
Swine Record Book Junior Reserve Champion: Lincoln Cordrey
Goat Record Book Senior Champion: Tessa Slagle
Goat Record Book Senior Reserve Champion: Troy Allred
Goat Record Book Intermediate Champion: Dayton Willey
Goat Record Book Intermediate Reserve Champion: Alanna Wiley
Goat Record Book Junior Champion: Anthony Dorris
Goat Record Book Junior Reserve Champion: Trae Kennedy
Dog Record Book Intermediate Champion: Charlie Day
Dog Record Book Junior Champion: Hadley Franklin
Dog Record Book Junior Reserve Champion – John Hampton Hightower
Rabbit Record Book Senior Champion: Caitlyn Ducey
Rabbit Record Book Intermediate Champion: Macy Collins
Rabbit Record Book Intermediate Reserve Champion: Jillian Bumgaurdner
Rabbit Record Book Junior Champion: Chayton Bumgardner
Rabbit Record Book Junior Reserve Champion: Hadley Franklin
Poultry Record Book Senior Champion: Sam Baylie
Poultry Record Book Senior Reserve Champion: Sydney Hughes
Poultry Record Book Intermediate Champion: Maggie Phelan
Poultry Record Book Intermediate Reserve Champion: Logan Hughes
Poultry Record Book Junior Champion: Autumn Hobbs
Poultry Record Book Junior Reserve Champion: Steven Taylor
Top Livestock Record Books Overall
Champion Beef: Ivan Carillo
Reserve Champion Beef: Shelby Neiberger
Champion Sheep: Jake Henderson
Reserve Champion Sheep: Antoinette Dorris.
Champion Swine: Brittany Babineaux
Reserve Champion Swine: Casey Turner
Champion Goat: Tessa Slagle
Reserve Champion Goat: Dayton Willey
Champion Rabbit: Chayton Bumgaurdner
Reserve Champion: MacyCollins
Champion Poultry: Jake Henderson
Reserve Champion Poultry: Sam Baylie
Champion Horse: Madison Kindler
Reserve Champion Horse: Sydney Hughes
Champion Dog: Hadley Franklin
Reserve Champion Dog: John Hampton Hightower
Special Livestock Awards
Wool Grower Awards: Long Dock Award: Sydney Hughes.
Sheep Supreme Award: first, Macy Collins; second, Tatumn Kennedy; third, Tannen Kennedy.
Supreme Goat Award: first, Macy Collins; second, Tessa Slagle; third, Ashley Lawson
Sheep Breeder Award: first, Macy Collins; second, Tatumn Kennedy; third Sydney Hughes.
Goat Breeder Award: first, Macy Collins; second, Troy Allred.
Audacity to Enter Awards: Shauna Lapp, Kacie Lapp, Ethan Allred, Layne Mecham, Antoinette Dorris, Kaylee Mecham, Destinee Bland, Alexis Wiley, Trae Kennedy, Dayton Willey, Allie Willey, Rebecca Gillard, Sierra Gomez, AJ Garner, Alanna Wiley, Wyatt Wiley, Andrew Dorris, Anthony Dorris, Uri Goedert, Shelby Neibergerl and Phalon Osborn.
Fair Carcass Contest Awards
8-10 years: first, Blaine Taylor; second Dale Musser and Ryan Phelan.
 years: first, Shauna Lapp; second, Alanna Wiley; third, Alexis Wiley.
14-18 years: first, Brianna Holding; second, Sheridan Harvey and Maggie Phelan
Club Herdsman Awards.
Beef winner was Meeker Beef Club; swine was Chipigitt Club; goat was Chipigitt Club; sheep was Meeker Sheep Growers.
Edna Winslett-Zingheim Memorial Sheep Award (on behalf of Jeanne and Alan Jones): Macy Collins.
Western RBC Cattlewomen’s Homegrown Award: Pake Burke.
Outstanding Senior Livestock Award: (This plaque will be on display in the Exhibit Hall display case): Nate Walsh.
New, Outstanding Junior (14 and under) Livestock Award: (This plaque will be on display in the Exhibit Hall display case): Macy Collins.
All-State Livestock Judging Award (awarded at the Colorado State Fair): Maclaine Shults, Madi Shults and Sam Lapp.
Most Contributing Judging Award:
Senior Livestock Judge: Maclaine Shults.
Junior Livestock Judge: Macy Collins.
Supreme Swine Award on behalf of The White River Swine Club and Mark and Julie Cook: Co-champions: Brittany Babineaux and Taylor Morris
Rio Blanco County Cattlewoman’s Beef Poster Contest on behalf of the Rio Blanco County Cattlewomen:
1st place Junior: Garrett Edinger
1st place Intermediate: Macy Collins
2nd place Intermediate: Brittany Smith
1st pace Senior: Jenna Walsh
2nd place: Brittany Smith
Fed Winslett Memorial All-Around Beef Champion: Marryn Shults, Macy Collins and Kolbi Franklin
Ultrasound Champion Beef: Justyne Dembowski
Ultrasound Reserve Champion Market Beef: Dannon Bolton
Ultrasound Champion Sheep: Emily Amick
Ultrasound Reserve Champion Market Sheep: Sierra Gomez
Ultrasound Champion Swine: Andrew Dorris
Ultrasound Reserve Champion Market Swine: Taylor Morris
Ultrasound Champion Goat: Dayton Willey
Ultrasound Reserve Champion Market Goat: Macy Collins
General Project Awards
General Project Outstanding Exhibitor Junior: Dax Sheridan
General Project Outstanding Exhibitor Intermediate – Jarrod Fiscus
General Project Outstanding Exhibitor Senior: Lisa Lombardi
Champion Shooting Sports Project: Jarrod Fiscus
Reserve Champion Shooting Sports Project: Paityn Myers
Champion Photography Project: Sierra Gomez
Reserve Champion Photography Project: Cori Mohr
Champion Gardening Project: Hadley Franklin
Reserve Champion Gardening Project: Josh Day
Champion Scrapbooking Project: Kendra Nelson
Reserve Champion Scrapbooking Project: Tessa Slagle
Champion Cake Decorating Project: Shauna Lapp
Reserve Champion Cake Decorating Project: Mikayla Cardile
Champion Foods Project: Nicole Hilkey
Reserve Champion Foods Project: Emily Eliasen
Champion Wildlife Project: Tessa Slagle
Reserve Champion Wildlife Project: Sheridan Harvey
Champion Outdoor Adv. Project: Tacy Crawford and Chevy Mohr
Reserve Champion Outdoor Adv. Project: Cori Mohr
Champion Clothing Project: Kolbi Franklin
Reserve Champion Clothing Project: Emily Amick
Champion Leather Project: Kasey Rosendahl

Reserve Champion Leather Project: Sophia Belland.
Junior Leader Certificates:
Junior Leaders are 4-H members that aspire to improve their leadership skills by helping club leaders. We acknowledge and thank the following junior leaders: Chevy Mohr, for work with the Outdoor Adventures Club, McKenna Kummer, for her work starting and organizing the Meeker Singing Club “Zing,” and Jamie Moyer, for her work with the Cake Decorating Club and the Extension Office.
Shooting Sports Awards:
Make Jon Proud Shooting Sports Safety Award: Kesston Hobbs.
Rich Ruchti Memorial Award (donor Eleanor Ruchti Carter
): Clay Anderson.

Most improved in Shooting Sports Award (donor Chris Uphoff) Ridge Williams.
Overall Shooting Sports Record Book (donor Keith Fitzgibbons of Valley Hardware) Jordan Fiscus.
Reporter Award: Emily Amick
4-H Foundation Awards
The following awards are some of the most prestigious awards given in 4-H in Rio Blanco County and are sponsored by the Rio Blanco County 4-H Foundation. The foundation also awards the prestigious Danforth Award: RBC Outstanding Junior Member is Hadley Franklin; RBC Outstanding Intermediate Member is Macy Collins; RBC Outstanding Senior Member is Shelby Neiberger; Junior Leader Awardwent to McKenna Kummer; and the Danforth Award winner was Shelby Neiberger.
Each year the 4-H Council selects a person, business or entity as a Friend of 4-H. It takes a lot of hard work and generous hearts to make 4-H successful. The Meeker 4-H Council would like to thank all of those businesses and individuals who have donated their time, money and support to help the 4-H members of Rio Blanco County. This represents a true friend to 4-H: The 2013 Meeker Friend of 4-H is White River Electric Association; The 2013 Rangely Friend of 4-H is Urie Trucking.

While all the leaders deserve thanks, the Meeker 4-H Council each year likes to give a special thanks to a leader who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, and is a role model in the 4-H community. All of our leaders are special: Meeker Leader of the year is Suzan Pelloni; Rangely Leader of the year is Daniel Lapp. Meeker Parent of the Year is Kathy Collins; Rangely Parent of the Year is Deserai Lapp.