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The Meeker Herald
— 100 years ago
– L.C. Horal, representing the Underwood typewriter, was at the Meeker Hotel, Tuesday.
– Don’t forget the county fair proposition. It’s a good move. Keep it moving.
– Resignation is the only possible philosophy of life after all.
– The ice harvest will be the next thing in order.
– Mrs. W.H. Purdy very accommodatingly kept the Mesa school open this week, when the regular teacher failed to show up as per her contract.

The Meeker Herald
— 50 years ago
– In November 1926 the hourly wage scale for a skilled worker in some of the large industries, such as the railroad industry was from 66 to 70 cents per hour, or $5.60 per eight hour day. Today the hourly rate for the same job averages $2.92 per hour, $23.26 per day, or again about four times or 400 percent increase, but with this difference. In 1926 the railroad wage rate was based on an eight hour day, seven days a week, 365 days a year with no holidays or vacations with pay. Today the wage is based on a 40 hour week, with holidays, if worked at overtime and from two to three weeks vacation a year with pay. However, the wage earner has two full days a week to kill somehow, so he spends two full days out of the five he has worked to amuse himself those two days only leaving three full days pay to live on. I wonder how it will be by the year 2006.
– For your group parties, think of SLEEPY CAT GUEST RANCH. We will open for your convenience now and during the holiday season.
– Coaches Paul Starbuck and Ed Duffy announced the 1966-67 wrestling schedule and the start of practice Monday of this week.

The Meeker Herald
— 25 years ago
– The Rangely Economic Development Corporation threw the county commissioners a curveball Monday as they announced that they were not in favor of being a part of the county’s $50,000 Northwest Loan Fund Program.
– As Monday’s snowstorm turned area roads into a snowy/slushy/icy mess, three weather-related single car accidents were reported, none of which, fortunately, resulted in any serious injuries.
– Freshman coach Tammie VanOort had good reason to be enthusiastic about her 16-1 team this year as she has a number of star players. Her picks for post-season awards went to Hallie Turner who received the “Most Enthusiastic” award, Emily McCoy was the “Most Coachable,” the “Best Teammate” award went to Erin Stevens, while Natosha Steward’s calming influence on the team earned her this year’s “MVP Award.”

Rangely Times
— 50 years ago
– Enjoying Rangely’s new sidewalks were Dick Sharpe, Chamber of Commerce president, and Father John LePenske, St. Ignatius Catholic Church. The two walked from one end of Main Street to the other and back Wednesday morning, a distance of exactly two miles. More and more pedestrians are using the sidewalks walking to work, shopping or to school.
– Rangely’s star halfback, Pete Miller, won the 1966 Northwest AA scoring crown, with 54 points scored in the five league contests, for a 10.8 average per game.
– A stolen California car was recovered at 2:40 p.m. on Nov. 8 after the driver was stopped by patrolman James J. Johnson four miles east of Massadona on U.S. 40.
– Timmy Collins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Collins, celebrated his 4th birthday Nov. 12 with a party. Present for the happy occasion were Jess Pennell, RoseAnn, Arlene and Calvin Hazelwood, Christine and Brian Edwards, Steve Menge, David Collins and the honored guest, Timmy Collins.

Rangely Times
— 25 years ago
– Moon Lake Electric General Manager Grant J. Earl has announced two new programs which will provide residential customers options to more fully utilize their electric space and water heating systems.
– The former fire chief of Rangely was sentenced to two years in the Colorado Department of Corrections and fined $5,000. David Lee Chaney was convicted on Sept. 17 on 11 charges including embezzlement, commercial bribery, misuse of official information and failure to disclose a conflict of interest.
– Piano students of Becky Gurtler presented their annual recital on Sunday, Nov. 10 at the Weiss Activity Center. Seventeen students performed a variety of method, pop and classical music. Those students who participated were Brooke Anderson, Audry Johnson, Alyson Matthews, Jeff Matthews, Sarah Moore, Sara Peacock, Angie Plummer, Jodi Rice, Stacia Sabens, Heather Stanley, Sarah Stanley, Brian Stewart, Danny Stewart, Marie Thorsted, Kenny Timbrel, Katie Van Der Wege and Jennifer Winter.