RBC Days Gone By: August 14, 2008

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The Meeker Herald
100 years ago
n Try the sun bath. Recommended as a preserver of health.
n If outside capital does not take hold of the Meeker-Rifle railroad project, the people of this valley should take the matter up and build the road themselves.
n Sunday was one of the hottest days of the season; and it was followed by heavy rains Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
n The heavy rains of the past week has put all the freighters out of commission, so both men and horses are resting either in Meeker or Rifle.

The Meeker Herald
50 years ago
n Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt visited her son, Elliot Roosevelt, at his Rolling R ranch at Buford.
n Eva Jean Pilkington married Daniel Burnett Seely.
n At the Rio Theatre: “Gun Duel at Durango.”
n A petition was being circulated for the formation of a sanitation district for the Town of Meeker. The petition was the first step in obtaining sewage disposal for the Town of Meeker.

The Meeker Herald
25 years ago
n Consolidation Coal began studies for “potentially the biggest open pit coal mine in the world” near Nine Mile.
n Population projections for 1986 were estimated at 4,230 people.
n Meeker experienced four consecutive days of 90-degree temperatures followed by a high of 92 for the week.
n Tom Bivens wrapped up his high school football career a little later than most seniors when he took part in the North-South All-State football game at Jefferson County Stadium.

The Rangely Times
35 years ago
n Middle age is when your memory is shorter, your experience longer, your stamina lower and your forehead higher.
n Superior Oil Co. offered invitations to bid on the first experimental mine deep into the oil shale beds of the White River Valley.
n The Byron-Jackson Service Center designed to reduce the turn-around tiem for repairs to oil well pumps was inaugurated. Manager, John Neiberger; secretary Jimmye Tidwell; employees Derry Banta, John Evans, Ray Sisney and George Wilczek.

The Rangely Times
20 years ago
n The Rangely Police Department evacuated a section of Bell Street to facilitate the removal of dynamite that had been concealed in the attic of a home five years prior.
n Winners at the Rangely Library summer reading party were first-graders Valerie Medina, Katie VanZant and Brandon Muller.
n Brenda Brenton, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Brenton, was among the candidates competing for the title of Miss Teen Colorado. She was awarded the gold plaque for personal development. Brenda had the highest points in the pageant.
n Lance Stewart was sworn in as a Rangely town trustee.