RBC Days Gone By: December 4

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The Meeker Herald —
100 years ago
n Ten cents a word for wireless messages across the broad Atlantic.
n When a student begins to break down from lack of the right kind of food, there are only two things to do; either take him out of school or feed him properly on food that will rebuild the brain and nerve cells. That food is Grape-Nuts.
n Mrs. Bradley was acquitted.
n Working and loafing are habits and it is difficult to quit either.
n Services as Christian Church. Odd Fellows’ Hall, Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

The Meeker Herald —
50 years ago
n Subscriptions for the Meeker Herald will increase from $2.50 per year to $3.50 per year after January 1, 1959.
n Three Rangely brothers arrested as cattle rustlers.
n Meeker TV Assn. Working for three channel reception.
n Glen Sutton bags another lion on Scenery Gulch.
n The pupils of Meeker Elementary School check out an average of 55 books daily from the grade school library.
n Christmas specials at Gambles: little red wagon, 99 cents; .22 caliber rifle, $17.95; china tea set, $2.98.

The Meeker Herald —
25 years ago
n Driven by 30-40 mph winds, a tragic pre-Christmas fire completely destroyed the 14- by 80-foot trailer home that Mr. And Mrs. Mike Holeyfield and their family were living in south of town.
n Meeker received another blanket of snow this week which kept city crews busy cleaning streets.
n Winner of the seventh-grade health class menu contest were Shawn Copeland, Stephanie Erskin, Brenda Patton, Jennifer Ertmer, Jennifer Hartley and Peggy Whalin.
n Tommy’s Supper Club and Cocktail Lounge, two miles west of Meeker, Holiday Dance Saturday night, Dec. 10 featuring the Burro Mountain Bank.

The Rangely Times —
35 years ago
n Miss Lou Ann Vidakovich was presented a $200 scholarship by the Colorado Rural Electric Association, accompanying her title as Miss Colorado Rural Electric.
n The first federal oil shale lease sale will be made on Jan. 8, 1973, and the lease selected is the closest to Rangely.
n The Rio Blanco Nuclear Stimulated Gas Well, in production testing for five days, was temporarily shut-in Nov. 20 to allow analysis of a rapid decline in pressure and time for equipment changes.
n Democracy is a process by which the people are free to choose the man who will get the blame.

The Rangely Times —
20 years ago
n For the first time in four years, the water fund is in the black, even after a 10 percent rate decrease. The bad news is that there will have to be an increase in the natural gas rates.
n Rangely has been awarded a $6,000 grant for calendar year 1989 to be used for an artist-in-residence program.
n The 1988-1989 basketball cheerleaders are in need of uniforms that match and fit. Past year’s uniforms have disappeared.
n Ticket prices for rodeo reserved seats at the National Western Stock Show are scaled from $5 to $10 and include admission to the show grounds and livestock events.

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