RBC Days Gone By: January 29

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The Meeker Herald —
100 years ago
n Buford Briefs: Coldest weather — 20 degrees below zero. Wolves reported numerous. Many cases of illness in this neighborhood. Did Jim Horn kill a silver-tip bear or did he not?
n A number of our public-spirited citizens have a movement on foot for the establishment of a county hospital. This is a move in the right direction and one that should receive proper encouragement.
n Winchester repeating shotguns are strong shooters, strongly made and so inexpensive that you won’t be afraid to use one in any kind of weather. They are made 10,12 and 16 gauge. A favorite of American sportsmen. Bold everywhere.

The Meeker Herald —
50 years ago
n Sheriff Russell Harp tells us that business in his office is very poor; in fact they haven’t had a county prisoner in jail during the month of January.
n Cole portable typewriter, $69.50. Typewriter desk free with every typewriter purchased.
n Rio Blanco County has first highway fatality in two years.
n Sharon Larea Glass has been named 1959 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow at Rio Blanco County High School.

The Meeker Herald —
20 years ago
n Gathering for the quarterly meeting, members of the Meeker Town Council and county commissioners discussed ways of expanding the parking around the courthouse.
n Citizenship awards were given to kindergartners Renee Russo and Winter Gianinetti; first-graders Grant Suter, Tim Harris and Jason Kracht; second-graders Jennifer Suppes, Jamie Larson and Kristina Nay; third-graders Missy Unterreiner, Nichole Montgomery and Lisa Bivens; and fourth-graders Kim Kilduff, Denise Williams and Shawn Shults.

The Rangely Times —
50 years ago
n The Restwell Hotel and Cafe had a change of ownership and a change of name, to Eddy’s Hotel and Cafe.
n Rangely pinned Meeker 35-11 in a league victory.
n Moon Lake Electric reported a 12.8 percent profit for 1958.
n John W. Neiberger, aviation guided missileman third class, was awaiting transfer to the Naval Station at Puerto Rico.
The Rangely Times —
35 years ago
n Frank Cooley, chief of the Regional Oil Shale Planning Commission, put it well when he said that new developments required for workers in an oil shale industry should not be paid for by the “old age pensioners, the widows and the ranchers.”
n The Bible Baptist youth had a tubing party on the hills east of town. They had the usual bonfires, wieners, etc.
n Janet Clark attained the honor of being listed on the official dean’s honor roll at Adams State College for the fall quarter.

The Rangely Times —
25 years ago
n After 90 days of extensive remodeling, the Rangely Apartments opened with Cary and Liz Eccles as resident managers.
n Rangely Family Medicine warned folks about Epstein-Barr virus infection, otherwise known as mononucleosis, due to an increase in the number of cases.
n Rangely High School started a new “tradition” with Winter Homecoming, including a pep assembly with a male beauty pageant. The Winter Homecoming Snowman of 1989 was awarded to Kent Collins. Snow Princes were Lance Sizemore and Derrin Noel.