RBC Days Gone By: July 24, 2008

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The Meeker Herald
100 years ago

n The fad for Dutch necks has struck terror to the heart of the woman with the double chin. You should be able to span your throat with your thumbs and first fingers. Touch your thumbs together under your chin, and if your throat is in proportion to your size your forefingers will just meet at the back.
n Jail life becoming irksome, no doubt, the two alleged horse rustlers who have been confined in the Meeker bastille, crawled out through a stove pipe hole, about 10 o’clock last Sunday forenoon. Alderman Perry Spurlock saw the boys make their attempted getaway and close-herded them till Sheriff Ellison and Undersheriff Montgomery appeared on the scene. The prisoners were hustled back into the jail again, and next day Sheriff Ellison took them to Glenwood jail to await convening of district court.
The Meeker Herald
50 years ago

n The fairgrounds grandstand was destroyed in a fire. The huge grandstand, one of the largest in western Colorado, was 100 yards long and 50 feet wide. It was built entirely of wood and was tinder dry.
n The courthouse lawn was sprayed to kill a fungus infection. The disease was causing yellow spots and dead areas. The “melting out” disease of turf grass is caused by a fungus which also causes foot rot.
n New postal rates went into effect Aug. 1, 1958, raising the price of mail by 1 cent per ounce. A standard letter stamp went all the way up to 3 cents. What’s the rate of inflation on that?

The Meeker Herald
25 years ago

n Headline: “County may not receive what was expected from mineral severance tax fund.” No surprises there.
n The new BLM building two miles west of Meeker was just about complete and ready for occupancy. “While the question of whether a new building was really needed still remains in some minds, BLM employees are anxiously awaiting their moving date … “
n A letter to the editor from a Piceance Creek family ranch in reference to a proposed man camp in the area read, “Since Piceance is such a headache to the Town Council, maybe we should consider asking Garfield to annex us. I know for a fact they would be happy to have the whole area.”
n The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band performed live at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo. Yes, the same band that just performed here in Meeker at Range Call, 25 years later.

The Rangely Times
35 years ago, July 26, 1973

n The recent “Project Rio Blanco” experiment in Rio Blanco County involved detonation of three nuclear devices more than a mile underground in western Colorado to free natural gas trapped in tight formations. Hydraulic fracturing of the formation may be a viable non-nuclear alternative.
n The next time you go grocery shopping, use two carts. In the first buy just what you will be able to eat — in the other put all the cigarettes, paper products, drug items, pantyhose, etc., and perhaps you’ll be satisfied that that food isn’t as high you might have been led to believe.
n Early Saturday morning Channel 8 was restored to service for Rangely sports fans and others watching TV.
n Nabisco Nutter Butter or Oreo cookies, two for $1 at Bestway. That’s a price we don’t see today!

The Rangely Times
20 years ago, July 28, 1988

n President of the University of Colorado E. Gordon Gee visited the CNCC campus in Rangely and lunched with CU alumni.
n The Rangely Public Library’s “Spotlite Student” of the week was 7-year-old Valerie Medina, whose favorite summertime activities included swimming, bike riding, playing with friends and reading books.
n Dawna Wardell, her daughter Wanda Collett and granddaughter Candace returned from a trip to England.