RBC Days Gone By: October 2, 2008

The Meeker Herald —
100 years ago
n “For the first time in 12 years the national Republican party is on the defensive — or, more properly speaking, Bryan has the GOP on the run.
n We no sooner get through mowing the lawn than the time comes to chop wood.
n Following is an official list of teachers as issued from the office of Superintendent Brown, for the different districts outside of Meeker for the current school year: Buford, Rachael Stetchman; Miller Creek, Lulu Ford; Coal Creek, W.A. Kyser; Mesa, C.F. Brown; Powell Park, Elsie Wear; White River, Lizzie Peaslee; Piceance, Frank Staton; Yellow Creek, Williams.
n It is a hard matter to keep order in the school room when the White Steamer goes by. What can be done when the Moffat Road comes through Meeker?

The Meeker Herald —
50 years ago
n Sides Rexall Drug Store’s 1 cent sale, when you can buy twice as much for a penny more! Phone 210.
n “… the latest fashion, fad, craze or lunacy — take your pick — that has hit this broad and slightly nutty country is the hula hoop.”
n The Narcotics Education, Inc., with headquarters at Washington, D.C., presented programs in the Meeker schools and at the Meeker Bible Church. The film and lecture-type programs were designed to place in the hands of young people facts relative to the dangers of alcohol and other narcotics and the importance of clean living.

The Meeker Herald —
25 years ago
n Meeker celebrated the grand opening of its new chamber of commerce building on Market Street. According to the paper, the project wouldn’t have been completed on time without the help of Herb Hughley and Gary Coulter.
n Local rancher David Smith was named to the Colorado Water Conservation Board by Governor Richard Lamm.
n The Cowboys defeated the Glenwood Demons 28-8, ending nine years of frustration.
n At the Super 8 Market, avocados were 29 cents each and sliced beef liver was on sale for 85 cents a pound.

The Rangely Times –
50 years ago
n A fellow visiting family at the Rangely oil camp went missing after a hike and turned up two days later at Skill Creek.
n Wayne Aspinall was the scheduled speaker at the Rangely Democratic Rally.
n Vote for Troy A. Pollard for Rio Blanco County Commis-sioner.

The Rangely Times —
35 years ago
n Lou Ann Vidakovich was named the 1973 “Miss Colorado Rural Electric” during the pageant at the Colorado Rural Electric annual meeting in Cortez.
n Showing at the Campus Theatre: “The Thief Who Came to Dinner” starring Ryan O’Neal and Jacqueline Bisset.
n A report from General Electric’s Lynn River Works in Massachusetts planned to turn trash from Boston into steam energy. Wonder if it worked?
n Reentry drilling on the Rio Blanco Project was started to determine if the experimental nuclear detonations performed in May 1973, were successful in releasing trapped natural gas. Three 30 kiloton nuclear explosives were simultaneously detonated in a single well bore more than a mile beneath the surface.

The Rangely Times —
20 years ago
n At the commissioners’ meeting in Rangely, the county was officially deemed guilty of trespassing on BLM land in regard to TV. The potential fine was $7,000.
n As the 1988 election season intensified, CDOT reminded folks not to post campaign signs in state highway right-of-ways.
n CNCC’s first dinner theater of the year was Neil Simon’s “Accommodations.”
n CNCC 1982 graduate Jay Barrs brought home a gold medal in archery from the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea. It was the first-ever gold in archery for the U.S.