RBC Days Gone By: October 30, 2008

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The Meeker Herald —
100 years ago
n Paper hanging, house, and sign painting. F.G. Walton.
n Wild-eyed stories of hunting parties snowed in and starving, in this — the White River Country — have been going in from all the water-tank stations. But there is not a word of truth in any of them. Fact is, hunting parties on White River were just as safe during the late storm as though they had been “sniping” on Denver’s “Great Whiteway” — 16th Street. We have too many guides like Daws Black and Homer Goff to let hunting parties get lost, strayed, stolen – or starved.
n A pain prescription is printed upon each 25 cent box of Dr. Shoop’s Pink Pain Tablets. Ask your doctor or druggist if this formula is not complete. Head pains, womanly pains, pains anywhere get instant relief from a Pink Pain Tablet.

The Meeker Herald —
50 years ago
n The then 2- and 4-year old sons of Ervin Ross found their dad’s loaded hunting rifle in the backseat of the family automobile while waiting for their mother to exit the post office. They accidentally discharged the gun. The bullet from the 306 went through the side of the Ross car and hit the side of Bernie Nieslanik’s car. There were about $25 in damages to each car, but no injuries.
n A mountain silhouette will be substituted for the skier on the Colorado license plates beginning in 1960.
n Delicious apples, $1 per half-bushel.

The Meeker Herald —
25 years ago
n The finishing touches were put on the new chamber of commerce building on Market Street. The chamber was originally housed in the lobby of the Fairfield Center, and folks had a hard time finding it.
n Irate parents wrote the paper to express their fury over Halloween’s trick-or-treating festivities being changed arbitrarily from Monday to Saturday.
n Dance at the El Rancho to the music of Doug Leonard and Private Stock. The El Rancho, 668 Market, Meeker.
n MHS freshman volleyball team members: Becky Elsworth, Melanie Watt, Jakie Stewart, Haley McKay, Amy Batka, Lynn Sprod, Kathy Nelson, Peggy Clapper, Sherry Marmon, Becky Coryell, Valerie Bina, Bobbi Jo Tucker, Laney Thayer, and coach Vicky Tate.

The Rangely Times —
50 years ago
n Hugh Caldwell was re-elected county commissioner from District 1.
n Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Hazlewood Jr. announced the birth of a daughter named Debra Louise.
n A.J. Tullis was severely burned in an explosion at the White River Exploration well on Douglas Creek.

The Rangely Times —
35 years ago
n Earl Allred succeeded Gerald Hayes on the Rangely Town Board.
n The Bank of Rangely celebrated its 10th year of operation.
n In the editorials: To impeach or not to impeach President Richard Nixon.
n In 1952 food took 23 percent of the average after-tax disposable income. In 1972 it took 15.7 percent.
n Colorado Delicious Apples, 17 cents per pound.

The Rangely Times —
20 years ago
n “A thought for the times from Richard Wagner, ‘As a citizen of this great country, you must count your blessings and exercise your rights.”
n Funeral services for E.W. Long, former mayor and longtime resident of Rangely, were held at the First Baptist Church of Rangely.
n “Council meeting produces no headline.”
n The Rangely High School student council hosted a mock debate between Don Davis and Harry Peacock.
n Winners of the third-grade spelling bee were Adam Pennell, Erin Booker and Allison Gillette.