RBC Days Gone By: September 25, 2008

The Meeker Herald —
100 years ago
n “If parents don’t educate their children the devil will.” By Anthony Comstock, Secretary Society for Suppression of Vice.
n “Next Thursday the game season opens, and already the highways and byways are lined with tourists heading for the big game sections.”
n It is a curious fact that people when talking in their sleep are always truthful and never evasive. Very often mental anxiety will make people talk in their sleep when under other conditions they would never do it.
n The usual equinoctial storms didn’t amount to much this fall. But we had a little taste of it Thursday afternoon, and Jupiter Pluvious opened his portals for a while and settled the dust. And last night it snowed.

The Meeker Herald —
50 years ago
n Frank Kennedy sold his buildings at the corner of Sixth and Market to the White River Electric Association. The buildings housed Kennedy’s Chev-rolet garage business and Bert LeFevre’s shoe repair and saddle shop.
n A method of converting Colorado oil shale into fuel gas with a heating value as high as natural gases was described at a meeting of the American Chemical Society in Chicago.
n In a new class for Meeker eighth-graders called “Into Your Teens,” students learned “you are not growing up mentally if you just read Dick Tracy comic books.”

The Meeker Herald —
25 years ago
n Brad Cook and Carl Moomey came home with a couple of trophy bull elk after bow hunting in the Sleepy Cat peak area.
n “I think Meeker is starting to turn around; you can feel it and see it when you go downtown,” said Highland West’s general manager, Joe Conrado.
n Rodney Gerloff booted a 43-yard field goal just before halftime in the Steamboat-Meeker football game. Cowboy quarterback Eric Blanke rushed for 66 yards on five carries.
n Chris Strate attended a two-day seminar on upholstery and carpet cleaning in Jackson Hole, Wyo.
n Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, 79 cents.

The Rangely Times —
50 years ago
n Scott Juhan resigned as Democratic county chairman.
n Mr. And Mrs. Donald Caldwell move to Artesia to make their home.
n Herman Hilkey, Olaus Johnson and Orris Ormiston received 10-year service pins from Salt Lake Pipeline Co.

The Rangely Times —
35 years ago
n Retail sales statistics showed more than $2.1 million in sales in Rangely during April-June 1973.
n Mrs. Dennis (Gloria) Rowley was a Sept. 18 winner on KSL’s Big Money Movie with a big win of $205.
n Showing at the Campus Theatre: Robert Redford as “Jeremiah Johnson,” Steve McQueen as “Bullitt” and Clint Eastwood as “Dirty Harry.”
n Susie Kump and Curt Dembowski announced their engagement.

The Rangely Times —
20 years ago
n Dennis and Janet Medina announced the birth of their son, Joseph Tyler.
n The “awesome” Rangely Panthers defeated the North Park Wildcats in Walden.
n Helpful hint: “A small flat sponge or paper towel kept in your refrigerator vegetable bin can absorb much of the excess moisture collecting there.”
n A marriage license was granted to Frank L. Dembowski and Deloris R. Dunn of Rangely.
n New teachers in the Rangely school district: Lauri Baker, Diana Bissell, Cynthia Henning, Thom Peck, Yvonne Peck, Kelly Ruberson, Bob VanDerWege, Andrea Wubben and Deena Brueggeman.