RBC Historical Society hosts open house Sunday, Oct. 21

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MEEKER | Our forefathers believed that there was great value in establishing a historical society and museum in our town as to preserve and protect the information they left behind. The White River Museum has one of the oldest and largest curio museums in the nation. We have a lot to be proud of.

Earlier this year, the American Alliance of Museums revealed that our forefathers were correct about the value of preserving our history. It is economically good for our community. In two separate reports they found indisputable evidence that museums contribute more to the United States economy than previously thought  and that widespread public support transcends political affiliations and geographic locations. In one study it was determined that for every $100 of economic activity created by museums, an additional $220 is created in other sectors of the U.S economy. In short, people who come to the museum also contribute to local business.

The second study examined the opinions  of Americans concerning museums, their educational and economic value, as well as their thoughts about federal funding and support. They clearly indicated that Americans treasure the museums in their communities and want elected  officials to support them. The White River Museum has had the fortune of having the support of town and county officials in its historic preservation endeavors. We are so very fortunate. 

The Rio Blanco County Historical Society and the White River Museum want to invite you— members of our amazing community—to join us at our regularly scheduled quarterly membership meeting. This is a special open house on Oct. 21 from 2-5 p.m. With a little Halloween flair, we want to share the museum, garrison and Heritage Culture Center meeting facility with the community.

We want you to know about the fascinating work being done to preserve, protect our history and research and educate the world about the true grit, wisdom and innovation of our forefathers. We want to share with everyone the partnerships we have created to expand our work. We continue to do the research and deliver the facts as accurately as possible, in some cases revising the stories as we have known them for eons, while celebrating the adventure that brought us here. 

We want to thank Rio Blanco County and everyone who lives here who continues to advocate for historic preservation. We will have snacks, treats and entertainment. We will also have a few really nice door prizes to give away! Please come on in!

Special to the Herald Times