RBC livestock judging team wins another title

RBC I The Rio Blanco County 4-H Livestock Judging Team competed at the 33rd annual Adams County Livestock Judging Extravaganza in Brighton, Colo., on Saturday, and the Junior 4-H team once again won the overall team title.
Junior 4-H members who competed were Macy Collins, Samantha Lapp, Marryn Shults, Kenzie Turner, Jilli Bumgardner and Kacie and Shauna Lapp.
The team defeated 22 Colorado 4-H teams that had 82 junior judges marking cards. They won reasons by 19 points and were the overall champions by 65 points.
Overall, Collins was champion, Turner finished third and Samantha Lapp was sixth. Each of these judges earned their second Colorado All State Judging Team point. Shults finished just outside the top 10 by two points, but finished a respectable 12th overall.
The swine division offered two classes of market hogs and one set of reasons. Turner was the champion hog judge, Collins was second, Sam Lapp was third and Kacie Lapp finished 12th.
The sheep and goat division had two classes of Southdown ewes and one class of Boer yearling does with one set of reasons. Shults was third, Collins was fourth and Turner finished seventh.
Collins won oral reasons again while Turner and Samantha Lapp tied for third while Shults was 17th.
There were five cattle classes and Collins placed sixth, Turner was eighth, Samantha Lapp was 10th and Marryn Shults was 16th.
Madi Shults was the “one man wolf pack” this weekend for the Rio Blanco County 4-H Senior Judging Team as her teammates abandoned her to go fishing or attend the last George Strait concert. Nevertheless, she carried on and managed to win beef for the second contest in a row by 12 points.
The hogs and sheep bit, rooted, kicked and head-butted Shults right out of the barn, but she managed to put the correct spin on the reasons classes and tied for third.