RBC to utilize CodeRED alert app

RBC I Rio Blanco County, through a contract with Emergency Communications Network, LLC, will begin providing public safety alerts through the company’s new public safety app — CodeRED Mobile Alert.
The app, which is a free download for iPhone and Android subscribers, will allow Rio Blanco County residents, as well as those traveling through the area, to receive community and emergency alerts via notifications to their smart phones. John Hutchins, RBC emergency manager, said the new platform will serve as one additional tool to help inform the community and visitors about important information that may impact their safety.
“The app works similarly to our current CodeRED system. If you have the app downloaded and are in the affected area of the alert, a notification will be sent through the app to alert you of the issue,” Hutchins said.
Residents who have enrolled for the CodeRED System will continue to receive voice calls, text messages and emails. However, the app is designed to keep users safe and informed while on the go. “The app is unique because, for example, if we have a county resident who is traveling to another state that also uses the CodeRED system, they will receive any community or emergency alerts from that specific area as well. It’s just one extra way to stay safe when you’re away from home,” Hutchins said. This additional outlet for city/county to communicate time-sensitive messages to residents and visitors is at no additional cost to the current contract with Emergency Communications Network.
Emergency, community and missing children alerts are always free to app users. The app also provides subscribers a free, 30-day trial of CodeRED Weather Warning, which alerts users if they are in the direct path of a severe thunderstorm, tornado or flash flood. Users have the ability to select the types of weather notifications they want to receive, to customize the app based on their unique preferences. “With the weather component, you don’t have to be worried about missing hearing a tornado siren or watching a weather report. The app will alert you immediately after the National Weather Service issues a severe weather warning, no matter the time of day,” Hutchins said.
Residents with iPhones and Android smartphones are encouraged to download the app to begin receiving notifications from Rio Blanco County. The app is available for a free download on the iTunes store and Google Play.
For more information or to download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app, visit http://ecnetwork. com/mobile/getitnow.html.