RBC Warranty Deeds

Seller: Paul Peterson
Buyer: Kenneth and Leslie Harman
Description: Subdivision: Mesa View Estates Subdivision 180026 Lot: 4 Block: 1 100 Mesa Dr.
Transaction Price: $440,000
Seller: C & A Services, LLC
Buyer: Enrique Sevillano and Dilly Del Carmen Gutierrez
Description: Sanderson Hills Subdivision 185454 Lot: 78 and 79 1135 Michael Cir.
Transaction Price: $239,000
Seller: Mountain Valley Bank
Buyer: Mervin Johnson, Jr. and Joan Johnson
Description: Subdivision: Town of Meeker Lot: 11 and 12 Block: 28 117 6th St.
Transaction Price: $115,000
Seller: Federal National Mortgage Association AKA Fannie Mae
Buyer: Eric Simms
Description: Subdivision: Town of Meeker Lot: 13 and 14 Block: 77 1041 Cleveland St.
Transaction Price: $106,000
Seller: James Riegel
Buyer: Jeremy and Michelle Simmons
Description: Subdivision: Riegel Minor Subdivision 298461 Lot: 2 1075 County Road 43
Transaction Price: $268,000
Seller: Teresa Potter
Buyer: Colorado State Department of Transportation
Description: Section: 33 Township: 2S Range: 94W
Transaction Price: $5,100
Seller: GMAC Mortgage, LLC
Buyer: Samuel Young
Description: Subdivision: Paintbrush Ridge Subdivision #1 272416 Lot: 2 Block: 1 102 Jill Dr.
Transaction Price: $167,000
Seller: R & M Thompson Enterprises, LLC
Buyer: Larry Striegel
Description: Subdivision: White Subdivision 69377 Lot: 1 Block: E 128 S. Stanolind Ave.
Transaction Price: $45,000
Seller: Brandon and Angela Colborn
Buyer: Peter Ruffner
Description: Section: 8 Township: 1N Range: 102W
Transaction Price: $20,000
Seller: Bank of America NA as successor by merger to Lasalle Bank NA as Trustees for WAMU Mortgage pass-through certificates series 2007-OA5 Trust
Buyer: John and Sena Hauer
Description: Subdivision: Two Rivers Estates 269994 Lot: 3 2638 County Road 12
Transaction Price: $215,000
Seller: Wheeler Ranch, LLC
Buyer: Elk Creek Ranch Development, Inc.
Description: Subdivision: Elk Creek Ranch PUD Amended 297923 Lot: 55
Transaction Price: $1,600,000