RBC Warranty Deeds: July-Dec. 2019

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JULY 2019
Seller: Michael R. Santulli
Buyer: Thomas Digerness
Description: Utah Oil Subdivision 115665 9 A 212 Cottonwood Drive
Transaction Price: $100,600

Seller: Alvan Theodore Nye aka Theodor T Nye and Tena L Theos POA
Buyer: Keith Leon and Valerie-Ann Ester Nye
Description: Town of Meeker 14 92 1137 West Park Ave
Transaction Price: $10,000

Seller: Tommie A. Johnston
Buyer: Dustin L. and Meghan C. Davis
Description: Little Rancho Estates – Survey Plat 266593 2 260 N. Little Rancho Dr.
Transaction Price: $245,000

Seller: Mark F. and Cheri L. Smith
Buyer: Logan D. and Jennifer M. Hill
Description: Coltharp Addition 69772 11 4 610 & 612 E Rio Blanco Ave. Coltharp Addition 69722 12 4 610 & 612 E Rio Blanco Ave.
Transaction Price: $75,000

Seller: Big Mountain Ranch LLC
Buyer: White River Lodge LLC
Description: 4S 094W 04 165 CR 5
Transaction Price: $340,000

Seller: Steven D. and Tammy L. Strain, Strain Properties LLC
Buyer: Daren E. Olson
Description: 1N 102W 03 459 CR 102, 134 CR 102, 804 CR 102
Transaction Price: $1,200,000

Seller: Joy A. Allen
Buyer: William L. Childers
Description: Town of Meeker 11 58 45 E Park Ave
Transaction Price: $165,000

Seller: Karin S. Brown
Buyer: Phil E. Brown
Description: 1N 090W 21 28902 CR 8
Transaction Price: $400,000

Seller: Scott Skinner
Buyer: Andres Hernandez
Description: Eagles Wings Subdivision RE- Subdivision Lots 2,3 4 292365 4A 221 E Rangely Ave
Transaction Price: $98,000

Seller: Bill Dyer Living Trust
Buyer: Patricia L. O’Brien, WJ Clark
Description: Calvat Subdivision 67909 72 707 Lake St.
Transaction Price: $59,900

Seller: Pappas Family Living Trust
Buyer: Jason L. and Amanda O. Back
Description: Simms Subdivision 252177 A 650 7th St.
Transaction Price: $365,000

Seller: Ricky D. and Catherine F. Dade
Buyer: Richard P. and Flora B. Ford
Description: Town of Meeker 16 77
Transaction Price: $45,000

Seller: Larry D. and Cheryl J. Steiner
Buyer: Janice F. Hossack
Description: Town of Meeker 7 43 585 Cleveland St.
Transaction Price: $383,000

Seller: Joan M. and Todd W. Gibson
Buyer: Ken Harrison
Description: Town of Meeker 16 97 1277 Park Ave.
Transaction Price: $148,000

Seller: Ricky D. and Catherine F. Dade
Buyer: Richard P. and Flora B. Ford
Description: Cleveland St. Townhouses 196256 5 637 10th St.
Transaction Price: $45,000

Seller: Zachary B. and Natosha D. Clatterbaugh
Buyer: Vincent T. Carter
Description: Town of Meeker 16 92 1109 Park Ave.
Transaction Price: $105,400

Seller: Wayne E. Tinder
Buyer: Clinton D. Impson
Description: 8 94 1176 Main St.
Transaction Price: $24,000

Seller: John and Sheryl Etchard
Buyer: Donald L. and Clea R. Steerman
Description: Sanderson Hills Subdivision 185454 85 1147 Michael Cir., Sanderson Hills Subdivision 185454 86 1147 Michael Cir.
Transaction Price: $274,000

Seller: Sandra L. McKelvey
Buyer: Jeffrey A. McKee
Description: Stanolind Addition 98103 3 B 211 Dakota Ave.
Transaction Price: $53,000

Seller: Rodney L. Harris
Buyer: Gary L. and Rebecca S. Hinaman
Description: Hildenbrandt Subdivision 69613 13 6 211 W Rangely Ave.
Transaction Price: $20,000

Seller: Tracy R. and Denise K. Brown
Buyer: Todd and Joan Gibson
Description: Sage Hills Resubdivision 261792 19 7
Transaction Price: $28,300

Seller: Johnnie W. and Virginia M. Barton
Buyer: Christoper D. and Kathleen C. Alger
Description: Barton Minor Subdivision #2 298435 2 TBD Strawberry Patch Rd
Transaction Price: $56,000

Seller: Julia L. Jansen
Buyer: Terry L. and Dee A. Goedert
Description: 1N 093W 30 1260 CR 8
Transaction Price: $301,000

Seller: Steven T. Chewing, Estate of Deceased
Buyer: Thomas Hundtoft
Description: 1N 102W 01 248 S Birch
Transaction Price: $55,000

Seller: Jeffery L. and Patricia A. Bean
Buyer: Travis Stout
Description: 14 75 Cleveland St.
Transaction Price: $239,000

Seller: JD Collum Trust
Buyer: Cole and Velvet Fritzlan
Description: 2S 091 W 05 92 CR 59
Transaction Price: $115,000

Seller: Tru-Sport Lodge LLC
Buyer: Tom and Shawn Prenzlow
Description: 1S 092W 21 14398 CR 8
Transaction Price: $1,250,000

Seller: Anne M. and Donald C. Peach
Buyer: Darby R. Goddard
Description: Dragon Wash Subdivision 226794 5 933 Taos Dr.
Transaction Price: $51,000

Seller: Sean Berry
Buyer: Joseph G. and Cassandra L. Powell
Description: Town of Meeker 11 19 545 3rd St.
Transaction Price: $188,500

Seller: Lauretta E. Sikes
Buyer: Vicky R. and Jay A. Edwards
Description: Mesa View Estates Subdivision 180026 3 1 200 Mesa Dr.
Transaction Price: $305,000

Seller: Rory and Marty Robie
Buyer: Ralph Carabajal
Description: Mesa Subdivision 73121 1 B 220 Jeep St.
Transaction Price: $5,000

Seller: Lonnie S. LeBleu
Buyer: Sagebrush Investment Co. LLC
Description: LeBlue Minor Subdivision 306209 1 908 Taos Dr.
Transaction Price: $182,500

Seller: RBC Property Holdings LLC
Buyer: Dabb Enterprises LLC
Description: 1S 100W 08
Transaction Price: $800,000

Seller: Jared D. and Kristina Winkler
Buyer: Max B. and Nichole E. Becker
Description: La Mesa Subdivision 208675 3 1 1535 La Mesa Cir.
Transaction Price: $239,000

Seller: Amee Pearce
Buyer: Harold L. Sexton
Description: La Mesa Subdivision 208675 9 4 1512 La Mesa Cir.
Transaction Price: $170,000

Seller: Amy L. May
Buyer: Stoneledge Properties LLC
Description: Foothills Subdivision 183727 18 785 11th St.
Transaction Price: $102,000

Seller: Utah Gas Corp.
Buyer: Dixie F. Fouch
Description: White Addition 69900 9 H 188 W Bell St.
Transaction Price: $56,500

Seller: Secretary of Housing & Urban Development
Buyer: Roger L. and Karen E. Reed
Description: 1N 102W 02 911 S White Ave.
Transaction Price: $10

Seller: Kum Go LC
Buyer: JKLM Real Estate LLC PRKG 1404 LLC
Description: 317 E Main St.
Transaction Price: $3,100,000