RDA creates grocery co-op committee

RANGELY | Grocery Cooperative

The RDA agreed to appoint a committee to lead the development of a feasibility plan for a co-op grocery store including researching developing membership, identifying a location, funding, wholesale suppliers, insurance, permits and licenses, staff training, local workforce availability and skill sets and development of a business plan. The committee will begin by trying to gauge local sentiment about the potential project.

The five member committee will be appointed by the RDA at the next meeting and headed by Konnie Billgren and Keely Winger.

New Promotional Videos

Rangely District Hospital Systems Administrator Josh Jackson presented the hospital’s new promotional video, saying it was created with the goal of reminding the community that RDH offers a wide variety of services. He suggested creating a town wide promotional video that would be a spoof of classic slasher horror movies while highlighting the town’s amenities, seeking $500 in funding.

Town Manager Peter Brixius called it, “a great idea.” The RDA followed suit approving the preliminary plan unanimously.

Ethical Obligation

The board approved a new ethical obligation for all board members. The obligation includes avoiding conflicts of interest, respecting and protecting privileged information and exercising appropriate discretionary authority.

Better City Contract

The contract with Better City will expire at the end of the month.  According to County Economic Development Coordinator Katelin Cook the option of entering a new contract on a “case by case basis” will still exist. She also said that the marketing focus moving forward will be on remote working opportunities.

Other Business

John Payne was appointed to represent the special districts as their representative to the RDA.