RDA or RDC: What’s the difference?

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RANGELY | The start of the Better City consulting project has resulted in renewed interest and activity on the west end of the county for both the Rangely Development Agency (RDA) and Rangely Development Corporation (RDC).
Both groups have been centrally involved in the process and actively working toward the same goals as the Better City initiative. But what really are these two groups and why do we have both?
The RDA and RDC were created with a similar mission: to promote economic development and relieve economic distress while preventing community deterioration. However, neither group has issued any grants or funding in the last year.
The initial funding for both groups appeared around 1990 when the Town of Rangely transferred $250,000 from the general fund and another $150,000 from severance tax payments. As time has passed, interest bearing business loans and interest on the reserves have continued to provide funding.
The seven board members for both the RDA and RDC are the same, and are appointed by the mayor with town trustee approval.
Despite the many similarities between the groups there are some important differences (see infographic for details).
The RDA and RDC meet together with the RDC meeting immediately following the RDA. They typically meet on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30 a.m.