Rec board discusses Circle Park

MEEKER | There was an ERBM Recreation and Park District board meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 18, mainly to discuss the proposed fishing pond and new pavilion to be built in Meeker’s Circle Park. While a final decision was not made as to which of the four contractors who offered a bid would be chosen for the contract, there were still some significant decisions.

The proposed project will be a major face lift for Circle Park. In addition to the pond and pavilion, a pedestrian path will encircle the pond, a handicap-accessible path from the parking lot will connect to the pedestrian path, and a fishing pier—also handicap accessible—will be built. The pond will also incorporate pipe work that will ensure proper inflow and outflow.

This project was contemplated “as an integrated approach, so we don’t have a firm design that says ‘build this sidewalk three feet wide’ (and so forth),” rec district Executive Director Sean VanRoenn said. “It’s more working with the contractor to nail down the concept plans, get us through final design and approvals with some of our granting partners and then move into construction next year.”

The four contractors and their bids for the project were: TDA Construction of Meeker ($265,845); T&M Contracting, also of Meeker ($365,740); Clark & Co. of Grand Junction ($369,442, with an additional $50,000 alternative); and Urbani Fisheries out of Bozeman, Mont. ($499,000).

For failure to meet compliance detail requirements, Urbani Fisheries was removed from consideration, and the issue of distance and travel, as well as the consensus among all the board members to use a local contractor, removed Grand Junction’s Clark & Co. from consideration.

While the board’s commitment was to use one of the two Meeker contractors for the project, there were still various ambiguities with both. Examples include engineering specifics, the construction of a fixed or floating pier, and various costs.

As a result, some board members leaned toward one contractor, while others were inclined toward the other. It was, therefore, decided to table the final decision until clarification could be received from both contractors, thereby giving the board more time to make a more informed decision.

Also decided was a cap for the project of $425,000 with the maximum cost for the rec district itself at $225,000.


By DOC WATSON | Special to the Herald Times