Recap: Rangely School District board of education monthly meeting

Rangely School District Superintendent Matt Scoggins acknowledged Colleen Zufelt, Dorthy McCarty, Anna Byerly, Teresa Staley, Kaitlyn Ducey and Grace Kenney for their team efforts towards inclusion at the Sept. 21, 2021, school board meeting. 

RANGELY I Rangely School District’s Board of Education held its monthly meeting Sept. 21, 2021, at the EEC building. All members were in attendance including Carlene Cantrell, principal of Parkview Elementary; Crandal Mergelman, principal of Rangely Jr/Sr High School; and school board candidate Ron Granger.

Superintendent Matt Scoggins offered staff recognition for Grace Kenney, Anna Byerly, Erin Geer, Colleen Zufelt, Dorthy McCarty, Teresa Staley, Kaitlyn Ducey, Kristen Thayne, Stephanie Overton, and Natosha Clatterbaugh for their teamwork and efforts to include a new student that requires additional support. “One of my favorite things about public schools is that we accept everyone,” Scoggins said. He also offered recognition for IT Manager Jesse McCann for his efforts to manage the 3D printer repair, including offering his own materials. Scoggins shared ideas for how the 3D printer will be used for lessons and in collaborative projects.

The board completed the first reading of new policies on staff sick leave which updates specific policies to include public emergency and bank days to support staff in the event of personal emergencies. 

Cantrell highlighted the enjoyment of field trips being allowed again. Second and third graders attended the sheepdog trials in Meeker in September. Fourth and fifth graders took trips for fossil hunting. Fifth  grade band practice is back on and there is much excitement for instruments and music to be back in the building. Parent-teacher conferences were held and the PTO provided dinner for staff members. Due to a rise in Covid cases, the annual Night At Hogwarts will be postponed from Oct. 29, 2021, to March 4, 2022.

Principal Crandal Mergelman shared updates on curriculums highlighting the math curricula Carnegie is running in all classrooms. A representative from Carnegie, was in the school on Sept. 20 to model and observe as part of the training included with the purchase. Mary Lansing is assisting in exploring English and social studies curriculum needs. Athletics are going strong. Rangely will be the host school for regional cross country in October. Junior high fall sports wrapped on Oct. 2 and junior high basketball practice started Oct. 4. Board member Casey Ducey questioned the school’s awareness and plans to address a challenge originating on TikTok to vandalize school property. Mergelmen addressed his awareness and plans to curb and address this type of behavior. The school is prepared to hold students accountable.

The majority of the meeting discussed minute details of the upcoming election for the issuance of a bond to support the award of the BEST grant funding. Specific items included the total replacement cost of district buildings vs. the total cost of renovations per the master plan created by Wildan Performance Engineering; acknowledgment of the possible unavailability of BEST grant funding in the future and renovations to schools not being funded by the state. The board thanked Scoggins for crunching the numbers regarding the issue. 

Scoggins informed the board of open positions including a special education teacher, a need for a new hire for the gifted and talented program and said Kindergarten teacher Danielle Dahl has submitted her resignation. 

The next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 19, 2021, at 6:15 p.m.

By KATIE KING | Special to the Herald Times

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