Red, White & RODEO

The Meeker Summer Rodeo Series continues each Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Rio Blanco County Fairgrounds.

Tiffany Jehorek Photo

Range Call Rodeo results July 2:

Ranch broncs — Sheridan Harvey

Number 8 team roping — Ryan Vroman and Lenny Klinglesmith 

Mixed team roping — Raelynn Toon and TJ Toon

Number 11 team roping — Neil Call and Dean Raine

Open team roping — Dusty Raine and Dean Raine

(No jr. or amateur bulls)

Dally ribbon — Joe Wood and Leah Wood

Open breakaway — Ryan Belew

Ladies breakaway — Fallon Richmond

Barrels — Jill Markele 

Junior Barrels — Cylee Dunsmore

Bulls — Garrett Marchun

Tiffany Jehorek Photo

Range Call Rodeo Results July 3:

Number 8 team roping — Ellie Anderson and JD Slagowski

Mixed team roping — Katelyn Norell and Clay Norell

Number 11 team roping — Lane Anderson and Kent Edwards

Open team roping — Tuff Ramsey and Hank Bounds

(No jr. or amateur bulls) 

Dally — Joe Wood and Leah Wood

Open breakaway — Fallon Richmond

Ladies breakaway — Josef Snydo (sic)

Barrels — Jolene Rhyne 

Junior Barrels — Deanna Wood

Bulls — Hunter Gross

On Saturday, Range Call hosted the Ranch Rodeo with 16 teams competing. Results are as follows:

First place: Joe Wood, Jared Wood, Dalton Weinke, JD Slagowski

Second place: Joe Wood, Dena Wood, JD Slagowski, Marley Hammer

Third place: Neil Brennan, Kash Atwood, Ryan Vroman, Sheridan Harvey

Bobby Gutierrez Photo
MHS alumni Tyler Williams was a rodeo clown at the events.