Results listed for MHS homecoming

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MEEKER I The homecoming royalty candidates for 2009:
From the freshman class:
• Kaysyn Chintala, daughter of Greg and Roxanne Chintala and Becca and Alan Nielsen
• Nate Walsh, son of Tom and Lisa Walsh
• Kaylyn Edwards, daughter of Stacee Edwards
• John Abbott, son of Glenn and Rose Abbott
From the sophomore class:
• Adrienne Wix, daughter of Steve and Debby Wix
• Colter Otwell, son of Randall and Shondah Otwell
• Leilani Mataia, daughter of Julie and Afa Mataia
• Jordan Haney, son of John and Laurel Haney
From the junior class:
• Becca de Vergie, daughter of Bill and Cathy de Vergie
• Charley Adams, son of Lester and Regina Adams
• Anna Eliasen, daughter of Jerry and Catherine Eliasen
• Jose Villapando, son of Jose and Consuelo Villapando
From the senior class:
• Jessica Mullins, daughter of Michael and Laurel Mullins
• Cameron Glasscock, son of Brice and Dondi Glasscock
• Timbre Shriver, daughter of Nicky Shriver and Don Shriver
• Mark Papez, son of Brenda and Norbert Boes and Gregory Michael and Virginiea Papez
The 2009 homecoming court:
Second Attendants:
• Mark Papez
• Jessica Mullins
First Attendants:
• Cameron Glasscock
• Timbre Shriver
The 2009 Home­coming King: Nate Walsh
The 2009 Home­coming Queen is: Adrienne Wix
Competition Results: This year’s homecoming theme was “Born to be Wild.” A percentage was taken of how many students in each class dressed up throughout the week.
• 4th Place: Juniors
• 3rd Place: Freshmen
• 2nd Place: Sophomores
• 1st Place: Seniors
Decorating the gym walls:
• 3rd Place: Seniors
• Tied in 2nd Place: Sophomores and Freshmen
• 1st Place: Juniors
Artistic ability by painting windows on the west side of the school:
• 4th Place: Seniors
• 3rd Place: Sophomores
• 2nd Place: Freshmen
• 1st Place: Juniors
Parade float:
• 4th Place: Sophomores
• Tied in 2nd Place: Freshman and Seniors
• The class with the best parade float this year: Juniors
In Class Car decoration for the parade
• 4th Place: Freshmen
• 3rd Place: Seniors
• 2nd Place: Sophomores
• 1st Place: Juniors
The last contest the classes participated in was the Coin Wars. Pennies are positive points and silvers (quarter, nickels, dimes) are negative points. Each class put coins in whichever jar they chose. The money was raised for the student council fund.
• 4th Place: Sophomores
• 3rd Place: Seniors
• 2nd Place: Freshmen
• 1st Place: Juniors
The overall winner in the 2009 homecoming competition winner: The Junior Class of 2011.