Rio Blanco County 4-Hers fare well at state competition

Taylor Morris was fourth in the Market Hog Crossbred division and also placed fifth in the Hampshire division.
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Madison Shults brought her “A” game in showmanship, taking home top honors as Grand Champion Intermediate Beef Showman. Her market steer placed seventh.
RBC I The 2012 Colorado State Fair results have been tabulated and are as follows:
Intermediate Vocal Solo- Savanna May, Blue
Senior Vocal Solo- Alexis Wiley, Blue
Junior Leather Carving, Unit 3- Andy Kracht, 6th place
Intermediate Leather Carving, Unit 3- Jacob Pelloni, Qualifier
Senior Leather Coloring & Shading, Unit 5- Sophia Belland, 4th place
Intermediate Photography, Level – Trenton Files, Qualifier
Junior Scrapbook Album- Makenna Burke, 6th place
Intermediate Scrapbook Album- Julia Eskelson, 5th place
Senior Scrapbook Album- Tessa Slagle, 4th place
Intermediate Woodworking, Unit 2- Sam Lange, 5th place
Senior Woodworking, Unit 2- Caleb Lange, CHAMPION
Junior Cake Decorating, Unit 2- Sierra Gomez, Qualifier
Intermediate Cake Decorating, Unit 3- Mary Baylie, Qualifier
Junior Clothing, Unit 3- Kolbi Franklin, RESERVE CHAMPION
Senior Food Core Projects, Fun With Foods- Nicole Hilkey, RESERVE CHAMPION
Junior Power of Wind, Powered Machine- AJ Garner, CHAMPION
Outdoor Adventures, Camping Adventures- Julia Eskelson, 7th place
Junior Archery- Tannen Kennedy, 3rd place
Intermediate Archery- Kale Burke, 3rd place
Taylor Morris was fourth in the Market Hog Crossbred division and also placed fifth in the Hampshire division.
Senior Archery- Mason Scritchfield, Qualifier
Junior .22- Andy Kracht, Qualifier
Intermediate .22- Antoinette Dorris, 3rd place
Intermediate Sportsfishing, Unit 1, Take the Bait- Caleb Urie, 4th place
Junior Sportsfishing, Unit 2, Reel in the Fun- Del Garner, CHAMPION
Junior .22 Rifle 4-P Sporter- Bradi Bland, 4th place, score of 281
Junior .22 Rifle 3-P International- Bradi Bland, 8th place score of 164
Junior .22 Rifle Hunting- Bradi Bland, 8th place score of 256
Junior .22 Rifle Hunt Scope- Bradi Bland, score of 303
Junior Shotgun, Trap- Bradi Bland, score of 39
Junior .22 Rifle Hunting- Andy Kracht, score of 186
Junior .22 Rifle Hunting- Antoinette Dorris, score of 163
Junior Shotgun, Trap- Ty Dunham with a PERFECT SCORE of 50, Reserve Champion
Junior Shotgun, Trap- Bradi Bland, score of 39
Junior Shotgun, Trap- Elijah Newman, score of 37
Junior Shotgun, Trap- Kyler Bland, score of 24
Junior Shotgun, Trap- Clay Anderson, score of 23
Senior Shotgun, Trap- Joe Newman, score of 40
Senior Shotgun, Trap- Mariah Kuhr, score of 40
Senior Shotgun, Five Stand- Mariah Kurh, score of 27
Senior Shotgun, Skeet- Mariah Kurh, score of 40
Junior Archery, Compound Limited- Kale Burke, score of 130
Junior Archery, Compound Limited- Tannen Kennedy, score of 124
Senior Archery, Compound Limited- Mason Scritchfield, score of 367
Lauren Urista- 10th All Around Ranch Horse in her division
Andy Urista- 8th All Around Ranch Horse
Justyne Dembowski- 8th in Market Heifers
Jake Smith- 9th in Market Steers
Taylor Nielson’s market steer placed sixth in its class. She also showed lambs and placed fourth in both the heavyweight black face division as well as the lightweight division.
Anna Walsh- 11th Market Steers
9th Market Hog Crossbreeds
Madison Shults- 7th Market Steers
CHAMPION Intermediate Beef Showman
Taylor Nielson- 6th Market Steers
4th Market Heavyweight Black Face Lambs
4th Market Lightweight Black Face Lambs
Macy Collins- 3rd Medium Weight Market Goats
10th Market Middleweight Black Face Lambs
10th Heavyweight Market Goats
6th Junior Market Goat Showmanship
3rd Jr. Shorthorn Heifers- Summer Yearling Heifer
2nd in Jr. Heifer Showmanship
3rd Market Rabbit Pen
Cheyenne Steele- 5th Market Lamb Showmanship
8th Market Lightweight Black Face Lambs
Maclaine Shults- 2nd Jr. Crossbreds & Other- Summer Yearling Heifer
Taylor Morris- 4th Market Hog Crossbreeds
5th Market Hog Hampshires
Nate Walsh- 9th Market Hog Crossbreeds
Jenna Walsh- 4th Market Hog Hampshires
Sam Baylie- 9th Market Lambs Dorset