Rio Blanco County Days Gone By

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The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago
• Donald Isham, 22, was back in jail after two days of freedom following his escape Thursday.
• The Meeker TV Association gets reception to Wilson Creek.
• At the junior high: “Something new has been added to our school. It is our hot lunch room. We feed about 140 people a day, but we would like more.” ~Bonnie Kay Ferrens and Susie Clark.
• Building a fallout shelter does not have to be an elaborate project.
• Doris Dilly became the bride of Eddie Woods at a quiet family wedding with Rev. Erwin Simmons officiating.
• “When a boy asks a girl to dance, he should be courteous and dance with her. When the dance is over, he should take her back to her seat. He should not run off and leave her standing in the middle of the floor. The same goes for the girls.” ~Shirley Coleman.

The Meeker Herald — 20 years ago
• The Lyn-Mar Tool Company building began taking shape this past week as MD Builders out of Glenwood Springs erected most of the steel framework.
• In recognition of National Library Week, Barone Junior High librarian Julia Gerloff sponsored a live bookworm race. Winners: Dustin Oliver and his worm “Viper” won the grand prize. Leslie Woodward’s worm “Slimer” won the fattest worm category.
• Twila Sue Harris and Gerald T. Morris exchanged wedding vows during a lovely double-ring ceremony at the Meeker United Methodist Church on Aug. 11.
• More than 170 people took advantage of the St. James Church annual turkey dinner and bazaar.
• Picking up the seventh-grade championship trophy at the Steamboat Springs basketball tourney was a fine group of Barone Junior High girls.
• Awards night is one of the highlights of football season and these young men were recognized by their peers for their performances this past year: Jeromey Main, Dusty Miller, Larry Ottosen, Brian Lake, Chad Rodriguez, J.C. Watt, Kyle Whitaker, Willie Theos and John Batka.

The Rangely Times — 50 years ago
• After some discussion on the $613.90 gas bill for October, the board voted to have the high school gas meter checked for accuracy.
• The Paonia Eagles defeated the Panthers in a state playoff tilt 20-0.
• Dusty Powell celebrated his second birthday Nov. 6 at a party given by his mother.
• Army PFC William D. Turner, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Enterline, live in Rangely, recently participated in a field training exercise in Germany with the 8th Infantry Division.
• The regular meeting of the Rangely Teen-Age Traffic and Safety Club was held last week. J.V. Tynes was voted the “Safe Driver of the Month.”

The Rangely Times — 20 years ago
• Ventriloquist Gwen Brown visited Bible Baptist Church.
• The east-west alley just north of the Rio Blanco State Bank was cemented with a five inch curb which effectively shut off driving access to the backyard of Nancy Green. The town fixed the problem to Green’s satisfaction.
• Radino Seniors held a pot luck dinner. There were 23 seniors present and it was a real banquet.
• CNCC offered distance learning via telecourse. “The future of distance learning includes a two way audio and visual system that will enable our on-campus classes to be taught off-campus and will allow live interaction with the instructor, student and classroom.”
• Commissioners gave their blessing to a plan put forward by County Extension Director Bill Ekstrom to consolidate the six present extension advisory groups into one overall group.