Rio Blanco County Days Gone By

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago
• Dear Santa, Please bring me some figure skates and roller skates for Chrismtas. Love, Chris Brubaker.
• Dear Santa, I would like a play stove. Will you bring my sisters what they want? Love, Leslie Michelle Sorensen.
• Dear Santa, I would like a piano and a rag doll. With love, Betsie Fritzlan.
• Dear Santa, Will you please bring me a drive-in theater that they advertise on television? Will you please bring my family and me a little portable television that is about six inches wide. And there must be a metal case. I love you Santa, and I love Mrs. Santa. Love, John Martin Villa.
• Dear Santa, I have a baby sister now. Please bring me a saddle and a pair of skates. I should like a pair of guns, and a rope with the saddle. Love, Keith Watson.
• Dear Santa, I would like a tear drop doll, layette and dishes for Christmas. Love, Nancy Buckles.

The Meeker Herald — 20 years ago
• Dear Santa, I like the towys that you brat me last year. This year I would like a 3-wheeler and a ninentendo too. I am gowing to leave you a apris and I want a toy car. How is Rudolph? Love, Boyd Richardson.
• Dear Santa, Hellow Santa, For Christmas weuld you get me a Ninentendo and Little Mis Dress up but most of all I want A baby kittin. Love, Dayna Weeldreyer.
• Dear Santa, I want a train. I live on koundy rod 36. I’m nis. I Love Santa. Lee Arnold.
• Dear Santa, I would like a Nintendo for Christmas and a bouncing baby and baby bubbles and little Miss Dress-up and a keyboard for Christmas. Merry Christmas, Santa. Love, Katy Nay.
• Dear Santa, For Christmas will you bring me Little Miss Dress-up and 2 hourse stachoes. Santa I like the things you bout last year. I am going to put a spechel thing at my house and I hope you like it. How is you’r Randere is Rudolph ok. I frogt 1 thing it is a new bike. I love you. I hope Santa you bring me something good. I like you. Love, Sarah Conrado.

The Rangely Times — 50 years ago
• The Rangely Town Board adopted a “Nuisance Ordinance,” which defined a nuisance as “a thing, act, failure to act, occupation, or use of property which annoys, injures, or endangers.” Included nuisances: accumulation of manure and rubbish and the public use of profane or obscene language, to name just two.
• At the Rig Theatre, “Life Begins at 17” and “The Oregon Passage.”
• The employees of Bestway and their families held their Christmas party and dinner at the Snak Bar.
• Bill Russell, 165 lb. junior rambling fullback, won a first team berth on the Rocky Mountain News All-State football team.

The Rangely Times — 20 years ago
• Purchases made out of town by the Town of Rangely was the topic of discussion at the Rangely Town Board meeting. Town employees expressed concerns that supplies they were purchasing were 25 percent higher in Rangely. The question remains: What is best for the town? Putting that money back into local businesses, or saving taxpayer dollars by shopping around for the best price?
• Involve the whole family in preparing your ‘food gifts.’ And while you’re at it, keep a camera on hand for taking pictures of the proceedings. Tuck a photo into each gift to show your friends and families the behind-the-scenes effort that went into their presents.
• Just in time for Christmas: Crosely 25” TV. Stereo, cable ready with remote. Reg. $648, Now $499. Good selection of cassette players now in stock from $69.00.