Rio Blanco County Days Gone By

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The Meeker Herald — 75 years ago
Feb. 14, 1935
• Preliminary work was started by Foreman Harry Pollard on the Warner Point road project on the Meeker-Buford road.
• The Meeker Library is again open after having been closed during the recent epidemic. The library has been thoroughly fumigated. Any books that were in homes where there were contagious diseases, these books were not returned to the library but were burned by the health officers.
• Safeway: 100 lbs. sugar, $5.69; 25 lbs, $1.45. Jell-Well, all true flavors. A wonderful dessert. Five cents a package.
• In the news: The trial of Bruno Hauptmann, accused of the murder of Baby Charles Lindbergh.

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago
Feb. 11, 1960
• Boy Scouts of America celebrate 50th anniversary. Meeker’s first scout troop started in 1914.
• Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cooley and Dr. and Mrs. Bert White drove to Steamboat Springs to take in the ski jumping by the Olympic teams from several countries.
• Cowboy Roundup: Dirty lockers have increased a little since the new year. A person is given so many warnings about his dirty locker, and then he is given a penalty such as washing desks. ~ Don Findlay

The Meeker Herald — 20 years ago
Feb. 8, 1990
• Meeker firemen poured almost 25,000 gallons of water on the Stagecoach Steakhouse fire last Friday night but there wasn’t much they could do. The building was nearly totaled.
• Headline: “Four Day School Week Communities Visit Meeker to Answer Questions”
• Cowboy wrestlers were off to Denver in search of a state title.
• The LynMar Tool Company started production at their Meeker site Tuesday morning on an order for 550 core drills.

The Rangely Times — 50 years ago
Feb. 11, 1960
• The annual Elks Gay Nineties Ball has been set for Feb. 27.
• Hugh Caldwell, county commissioner, was included in the group shown in the Feb. 8 issue of Life magazine in the article on President Eisenhower’s TV speech to 83 Republican dinner groups.
• Rip & Leon Collins Barber and Beauty Shop. Prompt and courteous service.
The Rangely Times — 30 years ago
Feb. 14, 1980
• The Rangely Field produced its 600 millionth barrel of oil Dec. 9, 1979.
• At the Campus Theatre: Fiddler on the Roof, The Legacy, and Beyond the Poseidon Adventure.
• Vince Wilczek was the only state qualifier for the Rangely Panther wrestling program.
• Headline: “Energy Crisis ‘Fast Fix’ Unlikely”

The Rangely Times — 20 years ago
Feb. 15, 1990
• State Representative Scott McInnis was honored last week by a Colorado veterans’ group for “extraordinary effort during the 1989 legislative session.”
• Nicole Rachel Gresham was born Feb. 1, 1990 in the Rangely District Hospital to Carole and Guy Gresham.
• Michelle Graham won a “superior” award for dramatic interpretation at the state speech meet in Aurora.