Rio Blanco County Days Gone By

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The Meeker Herald — 120 years ago
March 29, 1890

• J.W. Hugus and Co. have decided to erect a 2-story brick block on their corner. The upper floor will be occupied by the Masonic Fraternity and three large office rooms. This floor is already rented.
• If Garfield County wants a national park, why don’t the good people of the baliwick confine themselves to their own county.

The Meeker Herald — 75 years ago
March 28, 1935
• The Sheridan brothers sold the home ranch two miles east of Meeker to Messrs. Paul Dunn and John Purkey. The Sheridan brothers will concentrate their stock interests in the Bar Seven ranch and Nine Mile range holding and it is understood that James Sheridan will operate the Sheridan Dairy from the Bar Seven ranch in the near future.
• Tentative plans for the proposed swimming pool have been proposed.
The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago
March 31, 1960
• The Forest Service has announced it will make a survey of the upper White River, checking out the possible areas which can be developed as ski and winter sports areas.
• Frank Cooley has been appointed county attorney.
• How much federal aid did the pilgrims get? Long years of early American self-respect and hard work build America, but the traits we see today can destroy it — in half the time.
• People who shout about individual rights often forget that the Constitution talks about the general welfare.

The Meeker Herald — 20 years ago
March 29, 1990
• Political season off to a controversial start as caucuses elect delegates. This leaves a tough political race between two area ranchers, Sam Love and David Smith, for the seat being vacated by Peggy Rector. A total of 149 Republicans turned out for their caucus meetings in Meeker.
• One of Meeker’s more successful entrepreneurs announced plans last week for a tortilla factory to be started in the area soon.
• Artie Parr, Bee Blanke, and Debbie Cook all hit sizeable jackpots playing the slot machines in Las Vegas during spring break.

The Rangely Times — 50 years ago
March 31, 1960
• White River Bowmen Don Collier and Kenneth Hayden, and Don Kendall and Russ Hamilton, were chosen to go to the state tournament in Pueblo.
• Delbert Rasmussen was selected Company Soldier of the Month last month, a title which he has won for the third time.
• In the Rangely High School senior spotlight for the week: Sarah Hopkins, Joel Hogan and Glenda Cary.
• Susan McBreen was the winner of the county spelling bee. She is the daughter of Patrolman and Mrs. Don McBreen and an eighth-grader here.

The Rangely Times — 30 years ago
April 3, 1980
• 474 votes were cast in the Rangely Municipal Election. Peggy J. Rector was elected the Town’s first woman Mayor, winning handily over her nearest competition, William Parker.
• Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rooks announce the engagement of their daughter Ann to Steve Peel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Peel.
• Joey and Gay Lynn Dimas proudly announce the birth of their son Benjamin Joey Dimas.

The Rangely Times — 20 years ago
April 5, 1990
• The nahcolite mining plant of NaTec Minerals, Inc. is one step closer to reality.
• “Sweetheart the Goat” coming Saturday.