Rio Blanco County On Patrol…

RBC I The following information is a weekly review of the calls for service that were reported to the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office. If you have any questions or would like an explanation of the call types listed please make a comment on this post on our Facebook page. We will not release any information as to the names and addresses on any incident.

8 a.m. On May 11 to 8 a.m. on May 18:
911 hangup 1; 911 test 1; accident injury 1; accident property damage 1; alarm 1; animal call 4; animal cruelty 1, assist Colorado State Patrol 2; assist Meeker Police 2; assist Rangely Police 6, assist WREA 1; citizen assist 1; ranch checks 1; court transport 1; criminal mischief 1; disturbance 2; fire 1; jail transport 1; missing person 1; motorist assist 2; property 2; search and rescue 1; suspicious incident 2; theft 1; traffic arrest 2; traffic complaint 3; traffic hazard 1; traffic stop 27; trespass 1; vehicle identification number check 2.
Total calls for dispatch: 72
General Synopsis:
Ambulance was dispatched to rendezvous with a vehicle bringing in a party with a possible heart attack.
Search and Rescue was initially dispatched to Trappers Lake for an overdue male party, but the party returned home shortly after being reported.
A four-wheeler accident on Hay Gulch sent a male party to Pioneers Medical Center who was later transferred to St. Mary’s Hospital by airplane.
A small brush fire was reported on Highway 64, unknown cause.
Rangely Deputy assisted Rangely Police Department with a report of several gun shots within town limits.
A report of a bear killing several cows on Highway 64, DOW is investigating.
A trespass report on County Road 9 was reported that two females smelling of marijuana and money in the vehicle had approached a piece of construction equipment. The vehicle had left the scene due to a delay in the reporting of the incident.
An injury accident on Highway 64 with the single occupant being extricated by Meeker Fire and Rescue and sent to Pioneers Hospital.
Accident property damage 1; assist Meeker Ambulance 3; animal call 8; bond revocation 1; citizen assist 1; civil 4; criminal mischief 1; disturbance 5; fraud 1; juvenile problem 2; motorist assist 1; suspicious incident 3; theft 3; traffic arrest 1; traffic stops 5; vehicle inspection number check 2.
Total calls 42
General Synopsis:
A report of two locks being broken on a residence but nothing was reported missing.
Ambulance calls included transportation for an elderly female with severe pain and a male party that activated his medical alert button.
Several juveniles were attempting to break into an unoccupied residence.
Animal control kept busy with the four barking, one missing, six found/returned and three dogs chasing deer, in addition to a wandering goat.
A report of fraud reported after purchasing a vehicle online and exchanging the money, but no vehicle.
A resident reported someone sneaking around his house and he has also been receiving death threats, turned out the neighbor was returning his dog to the property.
Sixty dollars worth of gasoline was siphoned from a vehicle.
Swarovski Company reported that a set of binoculars sent in for repairs had been reported stolen previously in Meeker. Investigation is ongoing.
The Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office is currently assisting the Rangely Police Department dispatch center and does their dispatching on nights and weekends.The following are calls dispatched for them by the Meeker dispatch center.
The following calls occurred from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. weeknights and weekends:
Alarms 3; assist Moffat County 1; assist animal control 1; suspicious incidents 1; traffic stops 8
Total calls: 14