Rio Blanco County Projected Population 2020-2030

RBC | This data visualization shows how the county’s population is projected to change over the next ten years. This year, Generation Z’ers will surpass Baby Boomers as the largest percentage of residents, and by 2030 Generation Z will make up almost half of the population of Rio Blanco County.
For reference, the following years are used to classify each generation.
– Generation Z = born after 1997
– Millennials = born between 1981 and 1996
– Generation X = born between 1966-1980
– Baby Boomers = born between 1946-1965
– Silent Generation = born betwen 1928-1945
Discover more changes in the interactive chart below:
This data was compiled by the group Meeker Moving Forward for their community snapshot from the Colorado State Demography Office and Pew Research Center.

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