Rio Blanco on Patrol…

RBC I The following information is a weekly review of the calls for service that were reported to the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office. If you have any questions or would like an explanation of the call types listed please comment on this post on our Facebook page. We will not release any information as to the names and addresses on any incident.
May 18 at 8 a.m. to May 25 at 8 a.m.:

RBC Sheriff’s Office:
911 hangup 1; 911 Pocket Call 1; Accident Property Damage 2; Animal Call 4; Assist Colorado State Police 2; Assist Department of Wildlife 3; Assist Meeker Ambulance 1; Assist Meeker Police 1; Assist Other Out 1; Assist Rangely Fire 1; Assist Rangely Police 4; Assist WREA 2; Attended Deaths 2; Burglary 1; Citizen Assist 1; Civil 1; DUI 1; Fire 1; Jail Transport 1; Medical Transport 3; Missing Person 1; Motorist Assists 7; Suspicious Incidents 2; Thefts 2; Traffic Stops 22; Trespassing 1; VIN Inspections 2; Warrant arrests 1. Total Calls, 73.
General Synopsis:
A bear was reported around a residence on County Road 8.
Two citizens passed away at Pioneers Hospital, a 69-year-old male and a 91-year-old female.
Assisted Moffat County with a domestic violence case in Dinosaur.
Assisted Rangely Fire Department with a fire alarm at Colorado Northwestern Community College.
A fire was reported west of Meeker: a wooden pallet was found burning and it was extinguished.
Assisted Rangely Police Department with a possible explosive device at a residence. RPD issued a press release stating that it was a crude device with an aerosol can and nails taped around the can, it was deemed safe.
A female was reported missing and possibly suicidal. She was located and reunited with family.
A spool of copper wiring was stolen from a business on Piceance Creek; investigation is ongoing
A small amount of cash was stolen from a food vendor on Piceance Creek, a suspect has been identified and the investigation is ongoing
A report of a motorcycle accident on County Road 13 sent a male party to the emergency room at Pioneers Hospital.
Meeker Police Department:
Alarm 1; Assist Meeker Ambulance 1; Animal Call 8, Animal Cruelty 1; Assist Colorado State Police 1; Citizen Assist6; Civil 1; Domestic Violence 1; DUI 1; Property 1; Harassment1; Parking Violation 1; Suspicious Incident 4; Theft 1; Traffic Stops 9; VIN Inspections 7; Warrant Arrests 1. Total Calls, 45
Rangely Police Department
The Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office is currently assisting the Rangely Police Department dispatch center and does their dispatching on nights and weekends. The following are calls dispatched for them by the Meeker dispatch center.
7 p.m. to 7 a.m. weeknights and weekends:
911 Hangup 1; Alarms 2; Assist Animal Control 2; Assist Department of Wildlife 1; Assist Public Works 1; Assist Public Works 1; Assist Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office; 2; Assist Rangely Fire Department 1; Citizen Arrest 1; Minor In Possession 1; Missing Person 1; Suspicious Incident 1, Suspicious Person 1; Traffic Stops 19; Vandalism 1; VIN Inspections 4; Warrant Arrests 1; Total Calls, 21.