Rio Blanco on Patrol: Aug. 3-10

RBC I The following information is a weekly review of the calls for service reported to the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office from 7 a.m. Aug. 3 through 7 a.m. Aug. 10.

RBC Sheriff’s Office:
911 Hangup 2; 911 Pocket Call 1; Accident Property Damage 1; Alarm 1; Medical Alarm 1; Animal Calls 10; Assist CDOT 1; Assist CPW 1, Assist Meeker Ambulance 1; Assist Meeker Police 1; Assist WREA 1; Assist Rangely Police 4; Citizen Assist 3; Citizen Contacts; Disturbance 2; Fire 1; Fraud 2; Jail Transport 2; Medical Transport 2; Motorist Assist 2; Property 1; RO Violation 1; Suspicious Incident 3; Theft 1; Traffic Complaint 1; Traffic Hazard 1; Traffic Stops 12; Trespass 1; VIN Inspections 4; Warrant Arrests 2. Total Calls: 68.
General Synopsis:
Assisted CPW with a possible minor in possession at Lake Avery.
A tractor fire was put out before fire units could arrive on CR 4, unknown cause.
A backpack with a pistol inside was temporarily lost outside of Rangely; another hiker found the backpack and all items were returned to the owner.
Contacted CDOT about the construction traffic light on Hwy. 13; the light was working, vehicle probably not on sensor line to change the light.
Female arrested from Rangely area for sending text messages against the directions of a protection order.
Meeker resident received a letter from a Denver toll company for use and payment of the toll road; the driver turned out to be his son and payment was made.
Rafters were reportedly trespassing on private property and after investigation never stepped off the rafts, but remained in the water. No trespassing occurred.
Received a 911 call reporting a grass fire on CR 13. The fire was started from sparks from a tractor.
Phone scams are continuing after a county resident reported a phone call about a loan taken out in 2013 and was told that if she ignored the message she would be taken to court. After a quick Google search of the number, it was identified with numerous other complaints with the same story line.
Meeker Police Department:
911 1; 911 Misdial 1; Abandoned Vehicle 1; Accident Property Damage 1; Assist Meeker Ambulance2; Animal Call 4; Assist Mental Health 1; Assist Other Agency 2; Assist Sheriff’s Office 1; Citizen Assist 1; Civil 1; Criminal Mischief 1; Disturbance 4; Fire 1; Fraud 1; Gas Skip 1; Medical Transport 1; Motorist Assist 1; Parking Violation 1; Property 1; Harassment 1; Parking Violation 1; Suspicious Incident 1; Traffic Arrest 1; Traffic Stops 9; and VIN Inspections 4; Total Calls 45.
General Synopsis:
Three cases of check fraud.
PD officers assisted Meeker Ambulance calls relating to an overdose and an accidental activation.
Pioneers Medical Center reported several items possibly stolen from the old hospital.
Traffic stop turned into an arrest when found the driver was suspended.
Rangely Police Department:
The Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office is currently assisting the Rangely Police Department dispatch center and does their dispatching on nights and weekends.The following are calls dispatched for them by the Meeker dispatch center.
The following calls occurred from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. weeknights and weekends:
911 Misdial 1; Assist Animal Control 1; Assist Other Agency 1; Citizen Assist 1; Minor in Possession 1; Missing Person 1; Suspicious Incident 1; Traffic Stops 15; Vandalism 1; VIN Inspections 4; Vandalism 1.
Total Calls 25.