Rockies Skills Challenge …

ERBM Photo

On Thursday, June 11 the ERBM Recreation and Park District hosted the Rockies Skills Challenge for 6- to 13-year-old youth.  It was perfect baseball weather with a turnout of nine kids with parents in attendance. The participants were scored on their ability to hit the ball in total distance, throw the ball in total distance, and their speed in base running. The following list includes the participants placing in the challenge:

8-9 year old boys

1st – Eli Bennett

2nd – Davin Rust 

8-9 year old girls

1st – Azalia Bresnak

10-11 year old boys

1st – Gavin Allen

2nd – Wyatt Ross

12-13 year old boys 

1st – Sam Conrado

2nd – Augie Halstead

3rd – Johnny Allmon

12-13 year old girls

1st – Sydnee Ross

The ERBM Recreation and Park District would like to thank all those who participated and made it a great event. Our facilities are now open and programs are running (with certain restrictions) for the summer. 

ERBM Photo