Ruckman’s Shop continues decades long tradition

Scott Reed will continue his father-in-law’s work at Ruckman’s Shop. courtesy photo

RBC | Ruckman’s Shop on Park and 12th streets has been the place to go when you need construction solutions since the 1940’s. The location was originally the Ruckman Plumbing Shop of the late Ray Ruckman. It would later be the home and construction shop of Jim Ruckman. As most of you know, Jim is retiring and going on a new adventure.
Fortunately, the tradition of Ruckman’s Shop will continue with a twist. Scott Reed, the son-in-law of Jim Ruckman, has arrived with more tools and the knowledge to back them up. He has spent most of the past two months working beside Jim to sort, organize and learn everything he can from Jim’s historical perspective.
Reed is originally from Grand Junction. For the past 15 years her has lived and worked in the Fort Myers, Fla., area for Vault Structures Inc. as the special projects manager. He created, constructed and tested vault, safe and security product designs and the methods to manufacture them and achieve U.L. Listing.
With his return to Colorado, Scott brings his knowledge and experience home. He offers prototyping, design, process refinement, repair and refinishing in wood, metal and concrete products. The shop is equipped with a full spectrum of wood and metal working tools. He can do light machining, mig, tig and stick welding, plasma cutting, flame cutting, graining and polishing.
“There is no possible way I can know and do all of the things Jim has done in the past 70-plus years,” Reed said. “My father in-law has one of the most brilliant minds I have ever had the honor of knowing. He has forgotten more than most people ever know. However, I know how to do a lot of things, and I am a problem solver. That’s what I have been doing successfully for the past 15 years in Florida. I am so honored to be here and carry on the tradition. Jim and I still have a few projects to finish. I am happy to be here in Meeker offering my services to this amazing community. Bring me a problem; I will help you find a solution.”
Reed has experience and credentials in safety training and programs, quality control programs, security assessment, manufacturing process refinement, UL compliance and labeling, research and development, high strength concrete consultation and formulation and international shipping and logistics.
Call 970-878-4502 or 239-425-578, or visit the Ruckman’s Shop Facebook page.