Rundberg to run for Colorado governor

RBC I Jim Rundberg of Meeker, a conservative, independent, pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, Christian candidate for Colorado governor, announced Monday that he will begin sending campaign workers into Colorado communities.
These workers will hand out campaign information, answer questions and gather contributions. These workers will wear identifying badges and will ask contributors for contact information to meet state requirements. They will go into communities in groups of two.
Beginning May 15, these campaign workers will be collecting petition signatures to put Rundberg’s name on the November gubernatorial ballot. He is running directly against Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper and also the Republican candidate, who is yet to be selected.
Rundberg must submit 1,000 signatures of registered voters to the Colorado Secretary of State in order to be on the November ballot.
Rundberg’s campaign is centered around his desire to help Colorado prosper and to be more free. He is a Colorado native raised on Colorado’s Western Slope. It is here that he learned to work and where he developed Colorado values. He is a major stockholder in Rundberg, Inc., a closely held Colorado corporation.
He makes his home in Meeker, where he is close to his four children and their families. Rundberg has four grandchildren.
Rundberg, Inc. was founded by Rundberg, and is creating Colorado jobs through its telecommunication efforts. It does business as Fire Tree — Voice, Internet, Data, TV. Fire Tree produces a satellite television service called FireVision. It also markets a line of name-brand televisions, home theater systems and business telephones.
Rundberg, Inc.’s original news production, “Colorado WestNews,” is published through the FireVision Satellite Television Service, online at
Rundberg is currently seeking a lieutenant governor candidate to share the ticket with him. He is considering unaffiliated candidates who mirror his beliefs, principles and values. That person should be pro-life, pro-2nd amendment and conservative. Any interested parties should contact Rundberg’s campaign.
Until now, Rundberg has been making his campaign known through classified advertising and a few Tea Party public appearances. He hopes to begin a television ad campaign with the help of community contributions.
Rundberg has published a website at www.jimrundberg.wix. com/jimrundberg where you can find more information or make a contribution to Rundberg’s campaign.
If you would like to work for Rundberg’s campaign, please contact the campaign at: Vote Jim Rundberg, Colorado Governor 2014, P.O. Box 943, Meeker, Colo., 81641.