Salazar announces new appointment to council

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RBC I Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced the 2011 appointments to the western Colorado citizen-based Resource Advisory Councils (RACs), which advise the Bureau of Land Management on public land issues.
The two RACs are each composed of 15 citizens chosen for their expertise in natural resource issues to help the BLM carry out its stewardship of 245 million acres — the largest land portfolio of any Federal agency. The BLM has established 29 RACs across the West, where most BLM-managed land is located. Each RAC consists of members with an interest in public land management, such as conservationists, outdoor recreationists, ranchers, Tribal officials, state and local government officials, academics and others.
BLM Director Bob Abbey said, “The diverse membership of RACs results in a balanced outlook that the BLM needs in managing the public lands for current and future generations.” The BLM, an agency of the Interior Department, is responsible for managing various uses of the land – such as outdoor recreation, livestock grazing, mineral development and energy production – while conserving the land’s natural, historical and cultural resources.
Below are the newly appointed members of western Colorado RACs.
Northwest RAC:
♦ Steve Loshbaugh of Meeker is a new member representing energy and mineral interests. He is the coal shipping supervisor at Colowyo Coal Company and a former mayor of Meeker.
♦ John Potter of Loma is a new member representing off-highway vehicles. He is a civil engineer in Grand Junction and has most recently been an OHV representative on a subcommittee of the NW RAC.
♦ Dean Riggs of Colorado Parks and Wildlife was reappointed to represent the State of Colorado.
♦ Terry Sweet of Grand Junction is a new member representing environmental organizations. He is the chairperson of the Grand Junction Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and works as a doctor in Grand Junction.
♦ Lanny Weddle, Jackson County Commissioner and veterinarian in Walden, was reappointed as an elected official.