School still in session at Coal Creek

MEEKER | Stuffed animals, old toys, games and dolls have taken over Coal Creek School. Stop by and peek in the windows and see who is attending school. Check out the privy/coal shed and the horse shed and leave your name on the chalkboard. It is fun to see who has visited the school.

Coal Creek School is located at 617 County Road 6 (Little Beaver Road). You can pick up brochures for various other Rural School Driving Tours at the kiosk as you turn off Hwy. 13 onto County Road 8 (Upriver Road).

Enjoy time exploring Rio Blanco County rural school sites. This can be a real teaching and learning experience for the whole family. It is a great time to compare and contrast the way things are today to how they were when children went to rural schools. It can involve math — determining the distance between schools or to town; social studies — research different means of transportation then and today; science — how schools were built, heated and have lights then and now; or language arts — interview someone who went to a rural school or do a story of what you think a day was like at a rural school. Write a letter to the newspaper of what you learned on your field trip exploring the rural schools of Rio Blanco County. 

Remember to respect all private and public property and follow the social distancing guidelines.

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