This is just a little bit of a history lesson. Several years ago I was surveying a parcel and trying to find corners along the north boundary of what was then the Town of Meeker. The town is described as lying within the resurvey of Government Tract 67. Without going into Sections or Tract resurveys, I’ll explain a certain rock monument set in 1906 by William Clark. You ask why is that corner monument so important? As one can see it is scribed with the usual markings identifying what Tract Corner is it but it is also scribed M.T.C. This is the only corner monument I ever found along our town boundary with Meeker Townsite Corner etched into the rock. Feeling it had to be saved, I contacted the Rio Blanco County Road and Bridge Department and with their help we constructed a pipe fence around the rock and I mixed and poured a concrete base to also protect the same. All this took place when I was your county surveyor and around the late 1970s. Fast forward to 2021, my curiosity begged to find out if this historic monument still existed and with a little searching I did in fact find it. So here is hoping it lasts 50 more years. 

Submitted by Jim Joy 

Special to the Herald Times