Sen. Bennet visits CNCC, focus on aviation programs

Senator Michael Bennet and his staff visited CNCC’s Rangely Campus with a focus on the aviation programs. Bennet talked to students, instructors, staff, and local government officials.

RBC I Senator Bennet’s staff reached out to Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC) regarding a visit to their Rangely Campus location. This visit focused on CNCC’s Aviation Programs, to become more familiar with the programs offered, their potential for growth and expansion in addition to taking the time to speak with community leaders about various issues in rural Colorado.

Senator Bennet and three staff members visited the Rangely Airport and Rangely Campus to hear from Colorado Community College System administration representatives, CNCC administration, instructors, and students. Senator Bennet engaged with students to hear more about the Aviation Technology and Aviation Maintenance Technology Programs. Senator Bennet was specifically interested in learning more about the Aviation Programs at CNCC. This visit included tours of CNCC’s programs and a community leader meeting.  The students talked about the program, what made them choose to attend CNCC, and what they look forward to doing after finishing the program. CNCC administration and instructors in attendance talked about the cost of the programs, how they are beneficial for students and the amount of savings seen at CNCC. David Boles, CNCC Aviation Technology Program Director, talked about the current and future expansion of the partnership with Metro State University and the presence CNCC has on the Front Range.

Following the tours of the CNCC programs, Senator Bennet spoke to county commissioners, town government staff, as well as special district board members concerning various issues facing rural Colorado, specifically focusing on the transition out of an energy reliant economy.

Nationwide, the aviation industry is facing a pilot and aviation maintenance technician shortage. CNCC has a unique opportunity to provide high quality education in this industry at an extremely affordable cost. CNCC is able to provide this because they operate with their own fleet and community partners who are supportive of the program, allowing usage of facilities at little to no cost. Unlike many other programs, CNCC operates in an area with unrestricted air space giving their students more flight time, and more affordable and timely options for graduation as well as assists students with location of employment within the industry once graduation is complete.

When speaking about the visit CNCC President Ronald Granger stated, “We appreciate that Senator Bennet took time out of his busy schedule to visit Rangely and Northwest Colorado. We feel that he sees Rangely as a place that can aviation can thrive. His visit here shows how much interest he has in this part of the state and the potential for growth and diversification.”

The mission of Colorado Northwestern Community College is to enhance people’s lives by providing an accessible, affordable, quality education.

Innovative teaching, outreach education, and continual assessment will ensure that our students have the skills to further their education, succeed at meaningful careers, and prosper in a complex and increasingly diverse world.