Seniors make trek to East Slope

MEEKER — Meeker seniors started “vacation tour 2008” on July 9 by picking up 17 riders in their new 20-passenger bus headed for Colorado Springs.
The riders were Willetta Shults, Ardith Douglas, Florance Hazelbaker, Dorothy Chappell, Norma and Betty Oldland, Phyllis (Meeker) and Jona Wigington (Craig), Sondra Garcia, Lucy Jane Howey, Doris Walter, Mickey Reagle, Arda Harp, Sue Dunbar and George LeFevre (GJ). Then going to Craig and picking up our last riders Evelyn Pomroy and Sondra Gurkins.
Breakfast in Craig and the famous “Starbucks Coffee” stop along the way to Granby, Idaho Springs, Clear Creek Canyon and up to Boulder to a llama ranch with a tour and lunch, then on to Colorado Springs for two days of sightseeing.
On the first day, the group drove around seeing the sights and then the Miramount Castle and had a drive through Garden of the Gods and the Flying W. On the way to the Flying W, the group was blessed with seeing about 20 mountain sheep.
The second day was the Pikes Peak Cog for half of the riders and the other half did the window shopping (as well as purchasing) around the Manitou area. We the group picked up the cog riders, had lunch and went down to Old Colorado City for more window shopping. They went back to the motel for about a two-hour rest and then on to the Melodrama.
Saturday was pack-up day and they headed for home by the way of Trail Ridge Road. The scenery was just beautiful plus a look at three of the largest elk some of us have ever seen. It was a great, fun trip.
Organizers Sherry Overton and Sharon Tripp hope to see everyone and some new faces next year for our tour.
They also want to thank whoever put in the two cents for a larger bus. It was great to have everyone on the same bus to visit with and have a partner to share the driving. The riders and drivers really do like it.