Seniors tour Redstone Castle

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MEEKER — The Meeker Streaker took our Meeker area seniors on the following trips in the month of June:
Rifle — Six people went for a day of shopping. Grand Junction: Seven people went for three doctor’s appointments, lunch and a day of shopping. Craig: Ten people went for a shopping day and lunch.
Town Scenic Trip — Nine people went on a tour of Redstone Castle and a picnic lunch.
Church — Four days this month with 15 riders. Council on Aging: Had their meeting in Meeker. Chuckwagon: Seven-teen days with 49 riders for Chuckwagon, 25 doctor’s appointments and 137 stops at the post office, Watt’s, dentist, etc.
Fourth of July Parade — Two town residents and 15 Wing residents watched and participated in various activities.
Vacation Tour — Seventeen people, Sherry and I went on a four day tour to the Colorado Springs area for sightseeing.
The Streaker provides transportation for senior citizens in the Meeker area. If you would like to sign up for a Meeker Streaker trip, call 878-5347 or 942-7125 and/or get on the list at Chuckwagon. Ride preference is given to senior citizens. Others are welcome if seating is available.