Seven Meeker teams travel to contest

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MEEKER — Meeker was well represented at the Destination Imagination Western Slope Regional Tournament on Saturday, March 14.
Seven teams traveled to Coal Ridge High School to present solutions to different team challenges and instant challenges.
The Bucaneers (Addie Joy, Kolbi Franklin, Cole Rogers, Zack Chism, Makenna Burke, Elijah Deming, Madison Kindler, Managers Margie Joy and Heather Franklin) and Monkey Business (Elle Anderson, Chase May, Brennan Jensen, Tristan Tonozzi, Kristin Luce, Kasandra Luce and Manager Shawn Luce) participated in the Rising Stars challenge, which involved a hidden place and a simple machine.
The Risings Stars are for teams K-second grade who are starting Destination Imagination at a non-competitive level.
The Mighty Tigers (Gracie Bradfield, Kenzie Turner, Lila Klinglesmith, Charlie Day, Kale Burke, Pake Burke and manager Marnell Bradfield) produced a music video involving a piece of literature and a grand entrance in Video Lit Hits.
They received top honors for their performance and ended up in fourth place overall.
The Cool Cats (Julia Eskelson, Breeana Lee-Diaz, Tell Blanke, Kinzy Burke, Kendra Nelson, Managers Kristen Eskelson and Cindy and Tim Nelson) placed second with their solution to their challenge that involved the communication and habitat of tigers in Instinct Messaging.
Meeker had two teams take on the improv challenge, Private DI, where they had to make an improvisational skit using sleuths and different film genres.
Superstition Super Sleuths (Avery Watt, Uri Goedert, Trevor Austin, Lavender Castaldo, Doak Mantle, Logan Hughes, Madison Kummer, Managers Brooke Mantle, Angie Castaldo, Tasha and Billie Goedert) placed third in the elementary division, and RJ Cabs (Cade Rowlett, Regan Pierce, Brittany Smith, Sydney Hughes, Anthony Watt, Jamie McLaughlin and manager Alicia Watt) placed first in the middle school division.
Finally, The Meeker Construction/Destruction Team (Cody Nielsen, Sheridan Harvey, Delenn Mobley, Lori Ann Klinglesmith, Casey Turner, Meghan Smith, Managers Kellie Turner and Jackie Klinglesmith) placed first in their challenge A New Angle, where they built a structure out of balsa wood and glue that held 147 pounds.
They also received the Renaissance Award for outstanding design and engineering of their props and costumes.
We are excited to have four teams qualify for the DI State Tournament in Denver.
The Cool Cats, Superstition Super Sleuths, RJ Cabs and the Meeker Construction/Destruction Team will head over the mountain in April.