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ERBM Recreation and Park District hosted the annual Cardboard Derby on Saturday, Jan. 12 at Paintbrush Park.  The hill was filled with cardboard creations as they slipped, crashed and flew down the hill to the finish line. Elijah and Bella Brey (above) captured the fastest time and the golden traveling cup with the “White River Runner. ” Full results from this year’s derby are below.

Most Creative:
2 years and under: Maddie Miller
3 to 4 years: Cora Rasdale
5 to 7 years: Carson Blunt and Miles Franklin
8 to10 years: Serena Robinson
11 to 13 years: James Robinson
14+ years: Kendra Ward

Race Champion:
2 years and under: Maddie Miller
3 to 4 years: Aiden Grabner
5 to 7 years: Melanie Hatcher
8 to 10 years: Elijah Brey
11 to 13 years: Bradley Parish and Bow Muxlow
14+ years: Kendra Ward

Family/Group: Elijah and Bella Brey
Fastest to Fall Apart: Girl Scouts 95
Biggest Wipeout: Dom Grabner
Golden Cup/Fastest Time: Elijah and Bella Brey