State sets Free Fishing Days this weekend

RBC I Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding the public that Colorado’s Free Fishing Weekend is Saturday and Sunday this week.

Anglers of all ages can fish without a license anywhere in the state this weekend.
Many states allow free fishing during one or two weekends each year in an effort to encourage more people to discover and enjoy one of the most popular of all outdoor activities.
According to a recent survey by Southwick Associates, fishing is not only a popular recreational activity in Colorado, it is a major economic driver for the state, contributing more than $1.9 billion each year to the state’s economy.
“Colorado certainly offers tremendous fishing opportunities,” said CPW Aquatic Section Manager Greg Gerlich.
“However, we know there are many people who have thought about it, but, for whatever reason, have not bought a license. With a chance to fish for free, they may see how enjoyable an experience it can be, then maybe they’ll decide to buy a license and enjoy it year-round.”
Gerlich reminds citizens that hunting and fishing license dollars fund a breadth of wildlife management efforts in Colorado.